Christmas Handprint Crafts

Looking for a fun way to finish up your Christmas shopping list while keeping your kids busy so you can create ALL of the holiday magic for your family? Then look no further than these easy and cute Christmas Handprint Crafts. As long as you have paint, a piece of paper, and a hand (or foot), you have everything you need!

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Christmas Lights Handprint Craft

My kids especially love this holiday themed handprint craft because they can use any and all colors of the rainbow and practice drawing squiggly lines. You know…the fun things in life! 😉


Paint and paintbrush

White paper

Black marker

Process: Using just one finger, make colorful fingerprints all over the paper. Try to organize the finger marks to be somewhat uniform so that you can eventually draw a line to connect them all so they look like colorful Christmas lights. Once dry (5-8 minutes), work with your child to draw a twirly line using either black marker or black paint to connect the “lights.”


Christmas Wreath Handprint Craft

This handprint craft is perfect for creating a combined family project (siblings, cousins, etc.) or something to add to year after year.


Green paint

Red Paint

White paper


Glitter (optional)

Process: First, draw a large circle in the middle of the paper. It should be the size that you want your handprint wreath to be.  Have everyone make green handprints around the circle. Keep in mind that it doesn’t have to be perfectly symmetrical and that the handprints can and should overlap. I mean, what wreath is perfect in real life?!?! Let fully dry (around 10 minutes) and then add “berries” using red painted fingertips. Finally, sprinkle glitter on the berries for an extra special touch, if desired.


Handprint Santa Craft

While this handprint craft requires a bit more planning (and kids who won’t get ticklish when someone is painting their hands), it sure is adorable.


Red paint

White paint

White paper

Black marker

Process: When painting your child’s hand paint four fingers white and the thumb red. The bottom half of the palm should also be painted red, leaving  an unpainted circle in the middle of the hand. This blank space will be used to make and decorate Santa’s face.  After carefully placing the child’s painted hand on a piece of paper, very slowly light the hand straight up so that the paint doesn’t combine or smudge. One dry (10 minutes), add eyes, nose and a mouth on Santa.


These crafts make great gifts for grandparents, especially when you gift them in cute frames like these so they can be enjoyed year after year.


Finally, using good quality supplies will make these handprint crafts as easy as possible. Shop our favorite washable paint here and don’t forget to stock up on cardstock for other winter crafts.

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Have fun!
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