Chick Flicks Guys Love

Does your perfect Valentine’s Day celebration include a date night in, complete with a “Chick Flick?” You aren’t alone. And if you want to have a relaxing date night at home on the couch with your valentine WITHOUT eye rolls and complaints about how cheesy your movie choice is, this list is for you. I surveyed 25 guys to find out which romantic movies are most bearable, just in time for a cozy Valentine’s Day night IN. Ready for some Chick Flicks That Guys Love? As you wish…

Chick Flicks Guys Love - When Harry Met Sally

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What makes a movie a “Chick Flick?”

It’s not just a movie that chicks like (I mean, I’m Star Wars obsessed that they are NOT “Chick Flicks,” even with the odd romantic tension between Rey and Kylo). Instead, it is a movie with a strong female lead and a theme that is emotional or relationship-based. Some feminists object to the term in and of itself, but I don’t because they are simply a guilty pleasure for me—especially around Valentine’s Day.

What kind of guys did I survey?

I need to put a disclaimer out there about my husband. As much as I love him and am so thrilled that he chose to go through life by my side…he doesn’t have the best taste (I mean, except for women) so when creating this list of Chick Flicks That Guys Love, I broadened my net to include friends, family members, the tattooed dads at school…even our favorite on-air radio personality (and good friend) Brian “Whip” Paruch.

While I had to push back on a few suggestions (as much as I love my cousin Bill Murray his “Lost in Translation” movie is most definitely NOT a “Chick Flick”), they all came up with great suggestions and even brought up a few that I haven’t even seen!

Chick Flicks Guys Love

15 Chick Flicks That Guys Love

Definitely, Maybe

Because who doesn’t love Ryan Reynolds? Note: It’s impossible to watch this movie without crying. Have onions nearby so you have an excuse.

Love Actually

It doesn’t need to be Christmas to enjoy this movie. The little girl at the end belts out “All I Want for Christmas is You” WAY better than Mariah. And you know, the nude scenes are good, too.

You’ve Got Mail

I watch this movie every time I stumble across it on TNT or TBS. Tom Hanks, man. TOM FRIGGING HANKS.

Pretty Woman

I’m not saying that we all want to be a millionaire who falls in love with a hooker, but it wouldn’t be so bad. And the theme song will be stuck in  your head for at least a week after you watch the movie. Guaranteed.

Notting Hill

Everything and anything Hugh Grant makes me cry. I also have to watch his films with the volume up at an obnoxious decibel so I can understand what the heck they are saving. Damn accents.


“It’s got love, tragedy, revenge. You laugh, you cry, and then you want to watch it again. Am I right?”


You had me at Kate Beckinsale

Bring It On

It’s basically just an excuse for us to relive our high school days—but with attractive cheerleaders.

Father of the Bride

As a Dad I know that I will one day be a father of a bride, losing his mind at the grocery store over hot dog buns.


“I mean, he just wants to DANCE!”

Sweet Home Alabama

“I don’t really remember all the details of it, but I remember Reese Witherspoon being cute and lightning strikes at the beach. Does it really create glass?”

Legends of the Fall


Crazy, Stupid Love

Romantic without being mushy, and the perfect combo of Ryan Gosling and Steve Carell.

When Harry Met Sally

GREAT movie. And I guarantee you will never pronounce “Pecan Pie” the same.

The Princess Bride


So pop some popcorn, add some extra throw pillows to the couch, and enjoy a night on the couch together. 

Lights, Camera, Action!


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    • Amanda says

      My hubby was RUTHLESS when looking through this list, making sure he liked each and every movie on this list!

  1. Marta says

    The Princess Bride is my ULTIMATE favorite. He thought he’d hate it, but thought it was cute. Now, Braveheart? He watches that and walks around like he’s William Wallace.

  2. Mimi says

    I might be a Star Wars fan too but I’m more of an Anakin and Padme fan. Since Pretty Woman is my favourite movie I’ll have to side with that

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