Which Chicagoland Play Space is Right for You

Now that the weather is turning cooler and cabin fever is on the horizon, it is time to venture out and have some fun with the kiddos. One of the most popular options for Chicagoland families? Hitting up a local play space. But here’s the thing…there are some dirty, chaotic, and just plain lame play spaces out there. Lucky for you, I have been to all of them and I’m here to help you figure out which Chicagoland play space is right for you.


Families who are ECO FRIENDLY—Sod Room, Chicago

Why it is the best play space for your family: Sod Room is an eco friendly haven in the middle of a busy and bustling city. Not only will you find beautiful natural light, soothing sounds, and a relaxing atmosphere, but you will also see how being environmentally conscious while creating a play space is entirely possible! Absolutely everything in the play space is safe, sustainable, and responsibly made and the programming offered (foreign/sign language, breastfeeding, dance, etc.) is second to none. If only all play spaces were as beautiful and eco friendly as Sod Room!

Families looking to WORK UP A SWEAT—Chicago TreeHouse, Lake Zurich

Why it is the best play space for your family: The family that plays together stays together, right? It is impossible to not take a turn going down the massive slides at the TreeHouse (so fun—but don’t wear shorts…trust me!), but if you are hoping to get a much deserved break, you can watch your kids work up a sweat while you sit back and watch, enjoying freshly brewed coffee and treats while relaxing on a leather recliner. Kids can take advantage of all of the cool tunnels, courses, and obstacles that make this the coolest indoor tree house imaginable—and their focus on keeping everything as clean as possible keeps us coming back again and again!


Families with KIDS OF MULTIPLE AGES—Funtopia, Glenview

Why it is the best play space for your family: There is quite literally something for everyone at Funtopia. The older and braver set can choose from different climbing walls and obstacles, while the younger set can spend hours in the open play area, checking out the multiple tunnels, slides, and other fun toys. The best part? You can keep an eye on both areas at the SAME TIME.

Families who LOVE ART—Gather, Evanston

Why it is the best play space for your family: Upon walking through the doors of Gather, you are greeted with beautiful artwork created by both amateurs and professionals and then encouraged to try your hand at creating. In addition to typical play space attractions, there is always an opportunity to create with play dough, paint, crayons…the artistic opportunities are endless!

Families of Older Kids—Little Beans, Evanston

Why it is the best play space for your family: You might have thought that play spaces were only for the 5 and under set. You are wrong, my friend. Don’t believe me? Then check out the ninja ropes course at Little Beans Café in Evanston. It is the perfect place for older kids to get out some energy in a safe space designed especially for them. Oh, and my other favorite part about the Evanston location of Little Beans? The DRIVE THRU. Yes, my friends, you don’t even have to get out of the car to fuel up.


Looking for something else special in terms of an indoor play space? Let me know and I will come up with the best play space option for you!

And if you are looking for other indoor fun, check out these top picks!

Happy Playing!
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  1. Nancy L. says

    I think Funtopia would be the best bet for my family. I have children of all ages in my family and it looks like they have something for everyone! 🙂

  2. Stephanie Pass says

    I love that you described what would be best for what you’re looking for. It’s so hard to know those kinds of things, especially something like having kids in different ages.

    • Amanda says

      That’s the beauty of the park crawl…you can explore tons of different parks to find what you are looking for.

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