Where the Big Kids Play in Chicagoland

We have reached the point that I truly didn’t believe would ever happen. It started with the first eye roll I received when I suggested that we spend the day at our favorite play space. Yes, you read that right, I got an EYE ROLL when I offered to pay for us to play and […]

Banish Boredom with Pearachute

There is an abundance of unique and exciting activities around Chicagoland not just for adults, but also specifically designed for kids. The only problem? It is a full time job to stay on top of all of the different classes and experiences that are being offered—until now. That’s right, now you can find all of […]

Power Up Tech Academy Classes & Camps

Are you looking to ENCOURAGE your child’s interest in technology instead of limiting it?  Searching for a unique class to help build your child’s confidence and creativity?  Then look no further than Power Up Tech Academy.  Their hands on coding classes and camps provide project based learning and individualized learning experiences to help your child […]

Easel Art Studio

Want to know what an Easel Art Studio class is like? Well, just look at their colorful and fun logo and that just about sums it up. Disclaimer:  I received free admission to Easel Art Studio.  All of the opinions and descriptions of our experience are my own and not affected by Easel Art Studio. […]