Best Valentine’s Day Picture Books

Kids make each and every holiday special (I mean, the combo of their excitement and adorable holiday themed tees is the perfect combo if you ask me), so I don’t mind spending a bit of my time and energy getting them little gifts for both major and minor holidays. But before you roll your eyes and start complaining about “Hallmark Holidays,” let me tell you that my favorite type of holiday gift to give is a book. Not only is it a meaningful gift that provides some holiday inspiration, but it is also an opportunity for kids to learn. And on the day of love, why not gift your children books that teach them about the most important thing in life? Here are some of my favorite (remember, I’m a Reading Specialist!) Valentine’s Day Picture Books to gift the littlest valentines in your life.

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The Seven Silly Eaters—Mary Ann Hoberman 

This rhythmic and way too realistic tale tells the story of a mom’s love…even when raising the pickiest eaters on the planet. This picture book would even be a great gift for a mom on Valentine’s Day.

That’s Me Loving You—Amy Krouse Rosenthal

For anyone who is missing a loved one, this beautiful and eloquent book is a must read. This picture book will definitely encourage you to live each day like it’s Valentine’s Day.

Love Monster—Rachel Bright

Feeling out of place and unsure of yourself? Then cuddle up with a copy of Love Monster and be inspired by the love monster’s journey of finding love when you least expect it. There are other monster themed books in this series.

Words And Your Heart—Kate Jane Neal

If you are looking for a book that explains the importance of words because of their effect on your feelings, this is it. Young readers will learn all the different ways the words we listen to can affect how we feel and can build a strong foundation for Valentine’s Day themed discussions.

Love Big—Kat Kronenberg

Set on an African savanna, this beautiful story uses different animal characters to encourage kids to work together and empowers them to build “we” communities. It is an uplifting and fun picture book to read together on Valentine’s Day.

The Invisible String—Patrice Karst

This heartwarming story addresses children’s fear of being alone or away from those they love. It tells about the “Invisible String” of love that connects us all that you can feel in your heart, even if you can’t see it with your eyes.

In My Heart: A Book of Feelings—Jo Witek

Perfect for toddlers, this beautiful book explores all types of feelings by explaining how these emotions make your heart physically feel. The whimsical illustrations and melodic writing will undoubtedly help build new vocabulary and make Valentine’s Day a day of learning.

We Sang You Home—Richard Van Camp

This book celebrates the love that a child brings into this world and the many different ways that families welcome their little ones. It is the perfect picture book to read on a day that celebrates the true power of love.

Warts and All—Lori Haskins Houran

An irresistible array of adorably stinky, grouchy, burpy, and warty animals teaches readers that love isn’t just for the cute, sweet and cuddly. Everyone should feel special on Valentine’s Day…warts and all.

I Walk With Vanessa—Kerascoet

This beautifully illustrated, wordless book provides a great opportunity for kids to share how they would show love and support towards a classmate that is being bullied. This picture book is great for building community both in and out of the classroom.

If you are looking for more Valentine’s Day themed activities such as fun crafts or ways to spend the big day, check out my Valentine’s Day Guide.


Happy Valentine’s Day!
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  1. Rachel says

    Just some of these descriptions choke me up. I probably would cry while reading them to my kids as my heart overflows.

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