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Are you ready for some football? I know I SURE AM! This season the NFL is celebrating its 100thseason—and so are my beloved Chicago Bears—so I know that so many fans will be going all out this season to show their football fandom. But let’s say that your kid’s school scheduled curriculum night in the middle of the Bears/Packers game tomorrow (I see you, Park Ridge District 64 and I’m so sad on your behalf) or you just can’t get your act together to tailgate or put out a massive Sunday Funday spread (did you know that there are NFL cakes?!?!). NO WORRIES! Why? Because I have rounded up the Best Chicago Bears Fan Gear so you can show your love of navy and orange every day of the year.

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For the Guys

Let’s get honest for a minute. My husband and I are VERY superstitious sports fans, so changing up our Bears gear on a game day is basically taboo. But since my husband’s ratty and stained sweatshirt was present for last season’s double-doink ending, he was FINALLY open to some new Bears threads. So take this fresh start and celebration of 100 years of Bears football as an excuse to refresh your man’s Chicago Bears Gear.

My top picks? A hooded sweatshirtclassic Bears jersey (avoid the orange because let’s face it, the shade can burn your retinas), cap, quarter zip pullover (so sleek that he might be able to wear it for “Casual Friday” at work), polo shirt, and sweatpants. Because when you are on the couch all day watching football and enjoying endless snacks, jeans are not your friend. 

Oh, and while gear that has players’ names and numbers plastered all over it might be fun, keep in mind that one twisted knee or trade can make your pricey gear a waste of money. My tip? Buy throwback jerseys that honor Bears legends, or simply stick to team apparel.

For the Ladies

It drives me INSANE when people assume that since I am a female I don’t like football. Now, I might not allow my boys to play it (hello, concussions!) but that doesn’t mean that I don’t have my own Fantasy Football team and that I don’t know each and every word to the Super Bowl Shuffle. And when the only Bears gear I can find is PINK? No thanks.

Be sure to check out the hundreds of options on, especially their unique and stylish t-shirts, winter hatsleggings, sweatshirts, and even shoes. And if you are planning on heading to Soldier Field for a game, remember that LAYERS are key, so start with a good base and then put all of your stylish Bears gear on top!

For the Littlest Bears Fans

We take many things VERY seriously in our house, from treating everyone with kindness and respect to being MASSIVE sports fans. So we have worked hard to raise little Chicago Bears fans, and I am proud to say that each of our boys has a Fantasy Football team this year and they have been planning out their Bears kickoff outfit for weeks.

What makes the cut for the cutest (and if you ask my boys—ferocious) Bears fans? Pajamas (I swear my boys would sleep in these EVERY NIGHT if I allowed it), full-zip hoodiesbaby onesiescozy hats, and of course fun t-shirts

For Home

Decorating your home with Chicago Bears gear can be tricky because you don’t want it to be too tacky or overwhelming, so my suggestion is to find some cool pieces like this wall art for a basement or fun bedding for your kids’ rooms. Don’t forget to get a Christmas ornament or a nutcracker for the holidays, as well as a flag to put up on game day to add to your neighborhood’s spirit. 

For the Bears fan who already has EVERYTHING

The only way you haven’t noticed that both the Bears and the NFL are celebrating their 100 year anniversary is if you are living under a rock. Seriously. The memorabilia and Bears gear is EVERYWHERE. And while it may seem like overload, it also makes for the perfect time to get something for the Bears fan who already has EVERYTHING. 

My top, unique gifts? The Chicago Bears Centennial Scrapbook, a Chicago Bears bags (or corn hole) set, a Chicago Bears themed grill (perfect for tailgating!), or even Chicago Bears Stainless Steel Ice Cubes.  

Lastly, for all of you parents out there, invest in this awesome Chicago Bears themed “Spot it” game. It’s perfect for travel, going out to restaurants, and basically having screen free fun with your family. You won’t regret it. 

Headed to Soldier Field to watch the Monsters of the Midway? I have you covered with freebies, as well as tips and tricks to make the most of your game day experience.



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