Best Backyard Toys + A Giveaway

One of the absolute BEST things about the weather heating up? You can kick your kids OUTSIDE when they are getting on your nerves. Don’t try to deny it…we all do it. And that fresh air and sunshine is great for ALL of us, so be sure to fill your yard with toys that make your kids actually WANT to put down their screens and get outside. Here are the best backyard toys for your family, with items perfect for everyone ranging from toddlers to preteens. Trust me, there is something for everyone and even you will be tempted to try out the water balloon launcher.

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Honestly, babies don’t need all that much other than some shade. But that doesn’t mean that they should miss out on the fun! I mean, have you ever watched the sheer thrill on a baby’s face the first time he or she tries out the swing? It’s just about the cutest thing in the world. My recommended outdoor toys for babies?


Toddlers are tornadoes, pure and simple. So let them go hog wild when it comes to outdoor play. Keep a stash of messy clothes and old shoes for them to wear when the yard is wet and muddy so you don’t have to buy stock in stain remover (but I guarantee you WILL do that once  your kids join sports teams). Here are some tried and true toddler toy favorites:


Once they hit preschool kids are much more sure footed and can focus on an activity for more than ten or fifteen minutes at a time. So provide them with stimulating and fun outdoor toys like these to keep them playing outside until it’s time for dinner:


“Cool” is KING for elementary schoolers, so stock up on toys that are fun and unique. Even better? If you find toys that are cool enough to bring to the local park to show off. Because there’s nothing better than kids ignoring their phones and plain old playing.


Let’s be honest. You REALLY have to step up your game if you want your kids to play outside once they hit the pre-teen stage. I have found that treating young adults like they are almost adults is the key to getting them to become invested and engaged in an activity. So what do you like to do outside? Involve THEM in it, like through these fun outdoor toys:


I was gifted a copy of “Backyard Adventure” by Amanda Thomsen and am using it to inspire out backyard fun this Spring and Summer. This colorful and informative book features 51 free-play activities for kids of all ages in hopes of teaching overscheduled kids how to let loose. My favorite activity idea? The laser climb. My dog’s favorite? The shaving cream and cheese puffs art exhibition.

Wondering what types of open-ended, screen-free activities your family would enjoy? Then simply comment on this post with YOUR FAVORITE WAY TO PLAY OUTSIDE to be entered to win a copy of this book. Giveaway ends next Tuesday, May 21stat 9 p.m. CST. The winner will be contacted via email.

Now that your outdoor toy area is STACKED, don’t forget to refresh your patio! You can check out my favorite, budget friendly options for families here.

Happy Spring!


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  1. Jessica says

    We love our water table and playing in the sprinkler! Also, I freeze things in a big bowl and letting my toddler hammer away (with a toy hammer of course!) Hours of fun!

  2. Shannon Graham says

    I would have to say that sidewalk chalk has been a nice staple for many years. It’s cheap, lasts a while, and always is a ton of fun for all ages.

  3. Alexandra | says

    We love our trampoline! The kids jut got it this spring and it’s been a game changer for us (we homeschool) the next best has been our sandbox, for endless hours of play. Great giveaway and backyard toy ideas for kids! Thanks so much.

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