Beauty Tips for Busy Moms

It’s Friday morning and I am EXHAUSTED.  Totally and utterly wiped.  It has been a busy week in our house, getting the boys back into the swing of school, waiting on pins and needles for my best friend to have her baby, attending to errands that were long overdue, and nursing my sick hubby back to health.  It wasn’t all that bad, though–I also got contacted to have a blog post featured with a prominent website and we have lots of fun adventures to look forward to this weekend!  The problem, however, is that I am really starting to look as tired as I feel.  Lucky for me, my blogging friend Aleya from Spontaneous Chick is taking over my blog post for today and sharing some great beauty tips for busy moms like me.  Take it away, Aleya!

Photo by Lori Sapio Photography.

As a busy mom, you’re always looking for ways to get things done as quickly as possible. Let’s face it, you only have a few minutes to yourself before the kids start banging on the door because they want to know where their breakfast, homework, snack and shoes are or because one of their siblings are bothering them. Here are a few beauty tips for women who are on the run but want to look their best.

Make It Last

If you’re taking the time to apply lipstick, it’s reasonable to want it to last past a cup of coffee. Many companies make long lasting lipsticks today that not only stay with you but moisturize your lips while they’re at it. Lip stains or lip tars are also good ideas because when they finally do begin to fade, they turn into a matte stain first and then fade. The process takes a long time so you may have to reapply just once or twice during the day.

Double Duty

Using products that can do more than one job cuts back on the expense of purchasing two products and save you time. For example, I like to use argan oil to get the frizz out of my hair and moisturize my hands and cuticles. There are many such products out there. You just have to know what your needs are and look for them.

First Comes Primer

Before applying eye shadow, use a good primer such as the Smashbox Photo Finish first. The primer helps to smooth out creases and keeps your shadow on longer so you won’t have to touch up later.

Get Set

If you’re not sure which eye shadows look good together or simply don’t have the time to create avante garde looks invest in an eye shadow palette that’s done the work for you. Too Faced has mastered these sort of palettes and even includes how to booklets in them.

Get Blending

Tools are just as important in beauty as they are anywhere else in the world. When applying foundation or concealer, using a tool like the Beauty Blender will help you get your makeup on faster while giving you a smoother look.

Mirror, Mirror

A good mirror that is well lit will make all the difference in how you look. Be sure that the mirror is placed in a well-lit area so that your makeup will look even.

Hopefully these tips will help you get your day started faster. For more tips head to Spontaneous Chick where you can read beauty product reviews, health tips and pick up a few DIYs.

Amanda 🙂
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  1. Mom Kat says

    These tips are definitely helpful for moms like us. I am a working mom and that means very very little time to get my makeup done. every morning is a mad rush!

    Sending love from #WeekendBlogHop!

  2. Mom Kat says

    These tips are definitely helpful for moms like us. I am a working mom and that means very very little time to get my makeup done. every morning is a mad rush!

    Sending love from #WeekendBlogHop! xoxo

  3. Kate says

    Hi! I’m stopping by from the #weekendbloghop!

    Great tips! I use coconut oil to moisturize the ends of my hair and my hands and nails. I will have to try the two faced palette, right now I am using the Naked Original palette, it is amazing and can go from day to night really quick, but I am always having to go online to find how to’s.

  4. Lindsey says

    I just started using a Beauty Blender and I LOVE it! The comment about products that do double duty has me thinking about trying a BB cream… anyone use them?

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