8 Summer Hacks for Parents

In case you missed it, we are all about having a simple and slow summer. So that means that I am looking for simple and easy ways to make our summer amazingly relaxing and fun. Are you in the same inflatable raft as me? Then check out these 8 Summer Hacks for Parents:

Keep the sand off your blanket by bringing a fitted sheet to the beach (don’t worry, you won’t have to fold it). Use coolers, heavy/strong beach bags, and other large items in each corner of the sheet (position the sheet the opposite way you would compared to when making your bed) and pull up. That way, you have a fenced off area to keep the sand and bugs out and the fun in.


Have a stash of plastic bags in your car, beach bag, etc. Why? Because they come in handy for absolutely EVERYTHING. Have wet swim stuff? Sandy beach toys? Clothes covered in sticky ice cream? It’s no problem as long as you have some plastic bags to contain the chaos.


Freeze juice boxes and water bottles when packing refreshments for camp, summer school, park visits, etc. Not only will your drink stay cool, but it will also keep other things in your snack bag stay at a safe temperature when out and about in the blazing sun.


Speaking of chilling drinks, do you know that you can quickly chill a bottle of wine in 10 minutes? Believe me. I even demonstrated it on live TV! Check it out!


Keep your phone in a sealed plastic baggie to keep it safe from water, sunscreen, and sand. Even if you have a hard core phone case like me, you will still benefit from the power of the baggie.


Hide valuables in an inconspicuous place. For example, an old chip bag, empty (and clean!) sunscreen bottle…get as creative as you can.


Carry a bottle of baby powder in your beach bag…I promise it isn’t for diaper changes. Simply sprinkle some baby powder on your sandy skin and wipe it right off. Ta da!


Speaking of babies, remember those adorable muslin blankets that you stocked your nursery with? Keep them in your car to drape over your kids’ laps when the sun beats through the window. Because as we all know, those darn sun shades fall off the window ALL THE DAMN TIME.


What are your favorite summer hacks? I would love to hear them!

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Happy Summer!
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  1. candy says

    We are all about slow summer fun filled days. Nice ideas with the fitted sheet. Freezing drinks helps kep them so much colder longer. Baby powder works like a dream.

  2. Dawn McAlexander says

    These are some great tips! I will have to keep them in mind when heading out to the beach this summer. I would love to spend some time at the beach this year, so I need to be prepared.

  3. Jennifer Van Huss says

    These are great hacks! I love the used chip bag one! I just worry someone may accidentally throw it out! Darn good Samaritans ! lol

  4. Jeni says

    Such a great list. A couple other tips: put a cupcake liner (the foil kind) on a Popsicle stick to catch the drips (cup side up of course); wrap water bottles in aluminum foil or use the kind with sleeves to keep water cool all day; freeze your kids favorite juices into ice cubes to cool down juice fast.

  5. uprunforlife says

    I am so glad that it is summer time. I needed a break from the hustle and bustle of getting the kids to school/activities. My kids are older now but I always make sure they wear sunscreen. My oldest also has to protect his skin from eczema.

  6. adriana says

    Freezing juice/drinks is such a great idea! I love all of these hacks, they’re genius! Perfect for summer trips and day trips too! Love it!

  7. jennifer says

    These are all such great hacks! I love the powder trick, that’s just genius! I can’t wait to utilize these this summer!!

  8. ricci says

    I needed baby powder last week when I was at the beach! I can’t believe I forgot mine and didn’t remember until I was on the sand each day. OOPS!!

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