5 Tips for Visiting the Field Museum


The Field Museum is one of the most spectacular buildings in Museum Campus because it truly has a bit of EVERYTHING.  You can learn about the past, current events, the past…it is such a wealth of knowledge is such a dramatically beautiful building.  But here’s the thing…it is such a vast museum and can be a bit intimidating and overwhelming when visiting with your family.  So here are 5 things to know before visiting the Field Museum with kids in tow:


1.  Use the East entrance.  It is stroller friendly and is also surrounded by some small carts and shops to buy a quick meal, drink, or treat before heading into the museum.  The area is very well shaded, so you can even throw down a blanket and have a picnic before exploring the museum.







2.  Head straight to the Crown Family Play Lab. It is such a fantastic way for your kids to interact with learning in creative and unique ways.  We are huge fans of the music room, interactive dinosaur themed display, as well as the art room.


3. Make note of the AMAZINGLY family friendly bathrooms throughout the museum.   They are so clean, spacious, and welcoming to those potty training and still in diapers that it needs to be recognized.  They also have cozy nursing nooks for breastfeeding mamas.




4.  See the animals. The Field Museum has an EXTENSIVE collection of preserved animals (current, endangered, and extinct) that are fascinating to get a closer look at.  But be warned—some of them are a little bit scary so be sure to stick in the light and bright rooms with the toddler set and learn all about birds (and check out the cool videos displayed on the walls), as well as the sea creature exhibit.




5. Appreciate the architecture. Seriously….just the building is absolutely jaw dropping.  So spend some time pointing out the intricate details (there are currently some Blackhawks jerseys draping some statues to show the city’s #onegoal pride).  And with the ancient architecture means that it doesn’t have a ton of the modern conveniences that we are used to.  So, similar to other museums on museum campus, it is best to baby wear and ditch the stroller.  Or at the very least, leave your stroller near the “stroller parking” and explore without the wheels.

Looking for tips for visiting other museums?  Simply search “museums” in the search box on the right sidebar.
Happy Exploring!
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  1. Aileen says

    This looks like an amazing museum! It’s actually the first time that I’ve heard of it (as I’m not from the U.S.) but you bet that I’ll be taking note of it especially after seeing that last photo! 😀

  2. Mia says

    What a great guide and I love it how you also mentioned the bathroom. I thought that I’m the only that cares about the bathroom facilities of a place. 😛

  3. Stephanie says

    It looks like a great time! I love hands on museums for my children. However, I’m not too keen on any business that sets up a nursing area in the bathroom no matter how clean it is.

  4. CourtneyLynne says

    Omg what fantastic tips!!! I really hope to take my daughter to the Field Museum someday. Looks like tons of fun 🙂

  5. Stephanie C. says

    What an awesome adventure you had. Everything looks so well planned and organized – and it looks like you had a terrific day!

  6. XmasDolly says

    I love to visit the museum although it has been years since I’ve been there. These are wonderful tips and I hope all have a pencil to jot them down. Thanks for sharing.

    • amandasimkin says

      I just read an article that said that Chicago is one of the best places for women to open businesses. Such a great city for us!

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