5 Reasons to Love the Ball Factory Mount Prospect

If you’ve seen one play space, you’ve seen them all, right? WRONG. Oh so wrong. As part of my job, I am asked to review countless play spaces. Some are great and I share my finds on the blog, Facebook, and Instagram, but others are less so and I can’t in good conscience share them. So when I found out that a new play space was opening just a few minutes from my house, I nervously drove over while crossing my fingers, hoping that the Ball Factory Mount Prospect was going to be a great resource for Chicagoland families like mine. And let me tell you…it definitely WAS. Here are our five reasons why we loved the Ball Factory—Mount Prospect.

The Dedication to Cleanliness

One of the reasons why my boys and I have avoided play spaces for much of the Fall, Winter, and Spring is because of the rampant flu bug that has been hitting the country. But since the Ball Factory Mount Prospect is so new, we were willing to give it a try (along with a gallon of hand sanitizer in my purse, obviously). As a self proclaimed germaphobe, I was pleasantly surprised to see hand sanitizer and wipes everywhere, handwashing stations in the bathrooms that were perfect for both kids and adults, as well as staff members continuously wiping down handles, railing, and other surfaces in order to keep germs at bay.

The Variety of Activities  

With a name like the Ball Factory, you would think that there are only balls to play with at this play space. That assumption couldn’t be more wrong. Yes, there is a separate ball launching room, but there is also so much more. For vehicle lovers, there are tons of tractors and other cars to drive around. Your little monkeys will love climbing up, down and around the vast play structure, discovering secret slides and play areas like the basketball and Lego zones. And for the littlest guests, there are separate soft play areas with blocks and other interactive equipment to keep them entertained for hours.

The Attentive Staff

I’m not sure what it is like to work at a play space, but I know that after staying at one for a few hours with my kids, my ears and ringing and my patience is rather thin. But each and every Fall Factory employee my family and I interacted with was kind, attentive, and focused on making sure that the kids were safe and having fun. A special thanks to the staff member who alerted me to both the sibling discount and rewards program after I gave her my Groupon for playtime.

A Working Parent’s Perfect Scenario

As someone who works from home, it can be challenging when my kids are off of school because I am then expected to be their primary caregiver, no matter what deadlines I have looming. Thankfully at venues such as the Ball Factory Mount Prospect, I can set up my laptop, order a delicious coffee from the café’ and get some work done while my kids play safely—just a mere few feet away. Yes, it is a little challenging to get a table with an unobstructed view, so I recommend visiting in the afternoon when the play space is less crowded due to afternoon naps.

Perfect for All Ages

It can be hard to find a place where kids of all different ages can be happy playing together—or by themselves. Many play spaces are too babyish for late elementary and middle school aged kids and some venues simply aren’t safe for babies and toddlers. Because of the way the Ball Factory is set up, kids of different ages can play separately and safely and as a parent you can relax because you finally found a play space that all of your kids enjoy. SUCCESS!


Hope your family enjoys the Ball Factory Mount Prospect as much as mine did! And thanks to our kindergarten crew for helping us review this brand new play space—it is so much fun to explore with friends!

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Happy Playing!
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