3 Ways to Spice Up a Date Night In

While I might be known as the go-to Chicagoland mom for fun places to go either with or without kids, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t love a good date night in. Sometimes the stress of finding childcare is enough to make me throw in the towel on date night and I know I’m not alone. So instead of nixing your plans, I l’m sharing some “Date Night In” inspiration, especially with Valentine’s Day around the corner. Here are 3 Ways to Spice Up A Date Night In.

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Cook Together

One of the ways that I learned that my husband was a keeper and the perfect fit for me was how we interacted in the kitchen. Cooking is like therapy for me, so I knew that I needed someone who got just as excited to plan a Sunday supper as I did—but I also someone who would be happy as a sous chef. Thankfully we are the perfect combo and haven’t started any kitchen fires together (yet).

So when we are looking for ways to spice up a date night in, we incorporate food without having to drag the kids to the grocery store. We love using meal delivery services but sometimes their menus are a bit overly-planned for our creative tastes, so we love options like TruLocal. It is a meat delivery service that delivers a box full of top quality, locally sourced meat and protein that serves as a base for our date night in. Simply add fresh ingredients from your fridge and pantry and you have a delicious meal that is SO much cheaper than going out.

Use code QUEEN25 for $25 off your first regular size box.

Talk to Each Other

I know, I know—this one seems obvious. But I feel like as busy parents when we talk it is mainly about signing up for summer camp and who is going to drive to practice with a brief chat about our days. So to spice up our date night in, we really sit and TALK to each other—about our goals, worries, desires, etc. A great way to get the conversation started? Though fun books like this “How Well Do You Know Your Wife” and “How Well Do You Know Your Husband” set. I mean, you might even have one laying around your house from your old stash of engagement and wedding gifts.

Dress Up

I can agree that one of the best things about having a date night in instead of going out is that you can stay in your leggings and hooded sweatshirt. But does that scream ROMANCE? Not so much. I’m not saying that you need to bust out the fishnets and heels (but if that’s your kind of thing, by all means go for it!), but putting a little bit of effort into your outfit shows your partner that you care. Since my husband and I love to have a good laugh together more than anything, I pulled out my “You’re My Lobster” tee for our most recent date night—and then of course turned on our favorite Friends episode while we ate dessert.

Prefer to go out? No problem! I have rounded up a list of all things date night, from the Best Romantic Restaurants in Chicagoland to Daytime Dates for Chicago Couples and How to Plan the Ultimate Date Night in Chicagoland.

Enjoy your date!


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  1. Stella Harper says

    Thanks for reminding these tips. Valentines should not be so pricey. Simplicity and bond can make the day happier.

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