Workouts for Busy Moms

Is one of your goals for the year to become more fit and healthy?  Stick to a workout routine?  Welcome to the club.  But here’s the thing…my fellow mamas and I are doing the leg work for you.  Well, we won’t do squats for you, but we are scouring Chicagoland (and beyond) for workouts that fit a busy mom’s schedule. Here are some of our favorite workouts for busy moms:


Some background on our research…our goal was to find affordable workouts that will work with our busy schedules. My fellow participants and I are also NOT under the impression that we will end up with six packs or prance around in bikinis (or at least I am not under that illusion), and since the paparazzi are not stalking us, we don’t feel the need to devote TONS of my time to a certain exercise routine. After all, we have little ones to raise, they take up massive amounts of time and energy, and they tend to keep us pretty darn active as well.  We are just looking for workouts that will make us feel good, strong, and help us sleep better at night and eat better during the day. If that sounds like something you are interested in, keep on reading and learn about our workout adventures.


The busy mom workouts will be divided up into three categories:

  1. Workouts we can do with our kids (and little babies, too!), such as mom and tot classes, babywearing exercises, and fun family places where EVERYONE (including Dad) will get sweaty.
  2. Workouts that can be completed at home.  Most of the workouts we will be testing out are popular on Pinterest, Netflix, cable networks, Facebook…and simply looked interesting when perusing the library’s video shelves.
  3. Workouts at gyms and other locations outside of house, so we can get away from the little ones on a continual basis and devote some “mommy time” to ourselves. We are specifically looking at places that are welcoming to moms and will be trying out Core Power Yoga, The Dailey Method, Zumba, Spinning,etc.


I will also be providing some background information on my amazing Mommy-reviewers and how they fit fitness into their busy lives.  I thank them so much for devoting their time, sweat, and words to this series.  They are all really awesome ladies that I am so glad to have come across in life.

To make sure that we start the series off on the right foot, here is one of the absolute BEST articles I have read about sticking to fitness resolutions from Tricia at The Good Mama.  Be sure to her great article and peruse her wonderful site as well.

Here are the workouts that we deemed great enough to introduce to you…the lame ones simply didn’t make the cut.


Mom and Baby Yoga Review Bloom Studio -








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