Why Your Family Should Embrace Lifestyle Photography

Not a day goes by without a reader searching for family photo advice on my blog. From what to wear to where to have your photo session, people have a LOT of questions and concerns. And of course, the burning question of who to hire for your photo session that won’t cost you an arm and a leg. So I want to tell all of you to take a DEEP BREATH and stop stressing about taking the perfect family photo. Instead, focus on taking pictures that perfectly portray your family—beautiful imperfections and all. Here’s why your family should embrace lifestyle photography.

My family received a complimentary photo session from Bone Photography. All opinions are my own.

What Lifestyle Photography Entails

I teamed up with Chicagoland photography Amy Bone of Bone Photography to learn all about lifestyle photography and how it makes photo shoots effortless and meaningful for families. Lifestyle photography aims to capture life in a candid yet beautiful way, and Amy does a wonderful job in achieving this, as these articles can show you.


A lifestyle photographer will find beauty in the everyday, whether it is in a mom kissing a boo boo or a cuddly moment between a boy and his pup. Lifestyle photography tells a story and highlights special and unique moments in ways that traditional, staged photos truly can’t.

Why Families Love Lifestyle Photography

Staged photos aren’t required when conducting a lifestyle photography shoot, which makes it perfect for active families. I mean, who has kids that actually want to wear fancy clothes, follow a stranger’s directions, and smile into a foreign camera?


With lifestyle photography, there is no bribery required. Instead, your family simply acts as they usually do and your beautiful, everyday moments are documented. When families are able to play together and relax, they forget about the camera and perfectly carefree and unique photos are captured.

Why You Should Choose Bone Photography

We chose to work with Amy Bone of Bone Photography for our lifestyle photo shoot and I’m so thrilled that we did. A couple of weeks before the shoot, Amy reached out via email with a comprehensive questionnaire so that she already knew us before she stepped into our home.


Amy knew just the right questions to ask in order to make all of us feel at ease, and even followed up to determine which superheroes my boys were currently obsessed with. I’m so glad she did, because the mask and cape filled photos do such a great job of highlighting my boys’ goofy personalities.

As a dog mom, Amy also had some great tricks up her sleeve in terms of how to incorporate our furriest family member into our photo shoot.  With our sweet dog way past her puppy years, I know I will treasure the moments Amy captured between my fur baby and my boys since I don’t have many photos of them together on my iPhone.


To book a session with our favorite lifestyle photographer, head to Bone Photography and learn all about Amy, her style, and how she can provide your family with the most relaxed photo session that yields the most gorgeous family photos.

Enjoy your photo session!
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    • Amanda says

      That’s why I’m so glad that Amy Bone of Bone Photography introduced me to this no frills, beautiful style of photography.

    • Amanda says

      Even better is if you hire a lifestyle photographer for a shoot so that YOU can get into the photos!

    • Amanda says

      We found such a talented photographer in Amy. Be sure to check out her Amy Bone Photography website!

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