Why Families Should Choose an All Inclusive Vacation Resort

First things first, let’s make something clear. Hopping on a plane with kids in tow, no matter how beautiful, warm and luxurious your final destination is—that is called a trip. NOT a vacation. But that doesn’t mean that it can’t be a fun, memorable and somewhat relaxing (shocker, I know) experience. What is the secret to family travel success? Choosing an all inclusive resort. Yes, some aspects might make your trip a little limited but let’s be hones–your kids are already limiting your travels (you know I’m right on this one). Here’s why families should choose an all-inclusive resort for their next vacation:

Biggest Bang For Your Buck

One of my favorite parts about all inclusive resorts is that you aren’t constantly reaching for your wallet. By paying one flat fee when you book your room, you don’t have to worry about staying on budget throughout your trip—it’s just one and done (but don’t forget about tips!).

You might have to worry about your diet, however, because there is ALWAYS some type of delicious food or cocktail to enjoy when you are staying at an all inclusive resort. Whether you order a Coke or a fruity and complicated drink like a Miami Vice—it’s all included! And when the main restaurants are closed, there are still other options such as café’s, beach side grills—and don’t forget the room service options!

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Nowadays must all inclusive resorts also have specialty restaurants (French, Italian, Japanese, Brazilian, etc.) and they are included in your meal plan. The food tends to be a bit better at these smaller, more refined restaurants so be sure to snag a reservation whenever the window opens for guests to book a meal.

Stress Free Planning

While it might be hard narrowing down which all inclusive resort you are staying in, once you make that decision all of the hard work is done. All you have to do is slather on some sunscreen, put your feet in the sand, and flag down a waiter. Seriously—there’s not much else to do other than relax and have fun with your family!

On our recent trip to Puerto Vallarta, we were hosted by the Hilton Puerto Vallarta at no cost. It was pure bliss, especially since when we left Chicago it was a frigid 10 degrees outside. Since we had stayed at other Hilton locations throughout Chicagoland and the United States, we knew we were in for a treat spending four days at the beautiful Hilton Puerto Vallarta resort. It was no surprise that we experienced lux accommodations and top notch service throughout our stay.

I recommend choosing an all inclusive resort with a name like Hilton that has a great reputation in the hospitality industry. Yes, the view outside your room may vary from skyscrapers in Chicago to stunning beaches in Puerto Vallarta, but the high standard of the hotel or resort remains the same.

When you chose an all inclusive resort, you don’t have to worry about researching family friendly restaurants or organizing transportation because it is all right on the property. If your kid wants to spend more time perfecting his cannonballs in the pool instead of heading to dinner? No worries. There is ample time since everything is so conveniently located. I’m telling you, the most difficult decision will be deciding what to wear for dinner that night.

No Food Fights

Nothing kills your vacation vibe like when your child only takes one bit of an overpriced meal—am I right? Well, the beauty of an all inclusive resort is that it is totally fine if your child only takes a few bites and then asks for a snack a mere fifteen minutes later. Why? Because food is ALWAYS available at an all inclusive resort—and you have already paid for it. So head to the restaurants, cafes and grills however many times you want. Another option? Order your food pool side (just be sure to watch out for the hungry birds!).

While there are specialty restaurants (the Hilton Puerto Vallarta Resort has a PHENOMENAL French bistro), kids will love the buffets because of their fresh and bountiful options. That way they can pick exactly what they want and you aren’t limited to a standard children’s menu like at typical restaurants.

Here’s to hoping that your family’s next trip to an all inclusive resort actually feels like a vacation instead of a trip. Your chances will be vastly increased if you remember to check out my family travel checklist.

Safe and Happy Travels!


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  1. Christa says

    Anything that makes traveling with kids stress-free is perfect for me! I especially love not having to worry about finding food everyone will eat.

  2. Jennifer Maune says

    Great point about family trips being made easier by staying at an all-inclusive. Not worrying about family friendly restaurants or even meals in general is great. And when your kid doesn’t finish their meal, no worries! Since you didn’t spend an arm and a leg on dinner (;


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