Why Every Mom Should Have a Brag Book

Today has been rough. This week has felt like the entire world is against me…and it’s only Wednesday. While a glass of wine and some cuddles from my boys do make me feel better, sometimes I need a reminder of how far I’ve come and how much of a superwoman I am. In lieu of heading out on a tennis court in a jaw dropping tutu and fishnet compression tights ala’ Serena Williams (my QUEEN), I instead use five minutes before bed time to create my own brag book. Yes, that’s right, I write down things I could and probably should brag about to not only find some extra positivity when I need it but to also have an opportunity every day to be proud of myself…and so should you!

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Mom Brag: Got all dolled up for a girls’ night out and felt ZERO guilt!


Why Every Mom Should Have a Brag Book

Now first, let’s clarify something. This brag book is NOT about your kids. They have their own half put together scrap books that you most likely abandoned once they hit the toddler stage and started destroying your house. This brag book is about YOU. Yes, you should definitely document your amazing triumphs as a mom but don’t forget about the parts of you that have been around far longer than your sweet babies.

When I first started teaching, an older and wiser colleague told me to take all positive notes and feedback from parents, students, and other teachers and collect them in a box. Why? To be able to read through warm, thoughtful words on days when my students didn’t behave, I had to have awkward parent-teacher conferences, or when I simply struggled with the demands and stress of teaching. My note box grew and grew over my ten year career and when I left the classroom to raise my babies, I knew that I should keep holding onto sweet notes and encouragement from others for those stressful days as a mama—and to write my own notes to those in my mom squad as well.

Mom Brag: Showed my boys that playing with them on the beach is much more important than having the “perfect” bathing suit body.

What Should Be In a Mom’s Brag Book

The beauty of a brag book for moms? You can put ANYTHING you want into it. It’s yours and is as unique as you. I am a writer and work from home, so sometimes my brag book entry is about how I get all dolled up to have an effective work day…all while staying at home (I mean, the struggle to stay in yoga pants all day is REAL). Other days it is getting a text from a friend that they loved my newest article or making time to actually call a girlfriend. ON THE PHONE. I mean, does anyone do that anymore?

Mom brag: I grew these gorgeous hydrangeas!

How to Get Started Creating a Brag Book

All you need is something to write with and some paper. Since I have a slight obsession with stationery and paper goods, I hem and haw over the beautiful offerings from Mintedand Zazzle. Then start getting into a routine (I have found that setting an alarm on my phone helps immensely) that includes spending five minutes writing something down that you are proud of that day. Striking out? Then look back on all of your years of being a kick ass woman and write down something from that. It can be something as prestigious as being featured in an article or something as special as being asked to be in someone’s wedding. I’m sure you will think of something, you amazing woman, you. 😉

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Now get bragging!
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