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Each person has their own story to tell—the highs, the lows and everything in between. And if you ask me, kids are the absolute b e s t at telling stories and sharing their experiences with everyone they meet. The talented artist and designer behind whirlykidde, Heather Thornton, promotes the joy and power of storytelling through her handmade apparel and books so that children have another unique way to tell stories—through their clothing.

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This post is sponsored by whirlykidde. All opinions are my own.

All items in the whirlykidde collection are story focused, which makes everything from the books, to the masks, to the dresses and shirts completely cohesive. Heather’s story inspiration comes from her life as a mom as well as the sketches, poetry, and theme she originally brainstormed when in design school.

whirly kidde fox mask

For example, one of Heather’s books introduces a mushroom character. This character jumps off the page and into the real world through the beautifully designed mushroom print that Heather uses to make dresses in her Fall collection. Through this story based clothing design, kids are able to relate to the story and characters in an innovative and whimsical way.

whirly kidde golden mushroom satin shift dress

whirlykidde is one of the most unique apparel companies in the Midwest because of the production process—you are truly getting a “made for you” look for your little one. Heather designs each print, writes each story, and compiles all of these aspects together when creating her seasonal lines.  All materials are made in the USA, ecofriendly, and exclusive.  Interested in getting some of the whirlykidde fabric to create something of your own? No problem, simply visit this page.

With the holidays coming up, there are so many ways that you can choose from one of the pieces of stylish playwear in the whirlykidde collection and dress it up with accessories.

For example, I would pair black tights and gold/silver shoes to make this gorgeous dress shine for the holidays.

whirly kidde golden mushroom cotton embroidered dress

And wouldn’t this jacket look great with a white dress shirt and dark striped pants for your little guys this holiday season?

whirly kidde moto jacket

Or if the playground is more your style, choose from the mostly organic cotton pieces to undoubtedly have the most fun and unique outfit in the city of Chicago.

whirly kidde fox zip jacket

whirly kidde owl at the moon hooded pullover

We love to “shop small” throughout the year, especially during the holiday shopping season. And when you make a purchase through whirlykidde, you are not only supporting a mom run business (Heather has two children who inspired her to follow her dreams and bring whirlykidde into fruition), but you are also supporting the Autism Society of America (a percentage of the profit is donated to this worthy charity that is near and dear to Heather’s heart). All orders need to be placed by November 30 to ensure Christmas delivery.

whirlykidde is holding a special promotion right now as well. You will receive a download via Blurb of Heather’s unique and creative books with any purchase made. Be sure to follow whirlykidde on social media (Facebook , Twitter, Tumblerand Instagram) as well to learn about special sales, promotions, events, and more!

whirly kidde poetry books golden mushroom and owl

Happy Shopping!



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  1. Robin (Masshole Mommy) says

    Look at all the cute little clothes they have there. I would love to get a few things for my younger nieces and nephews.

    • Amanda says

      whirlykidde is such a fun and unique company…can’t wait to see what the future holds for Heather’s adorable clothing and goods!

  2. Elizabeth O. says

    It is sometimes difficult to shop for kids because we can’t find the right size as they are growing up. Custom clothes would help a lot in that area. I think these clothes are adorable.

    • Amanda says

      Being a Chicago mom, you should definitely check whirlykidde out. It is so great when moms support other moms in the neighborhood.

    • Amanda says

      I’m hoping to get one for my boys for Christmas. I love owls but they still haven’t embraced them yet and are still OBSESSED with sharks.

    • Amanda says

      When this post went live it was very cold and windy in Chicago…and today it was 60 degrees. Crazy weather so we always dress our kids in adorable layers like this!

    • Amanda says

      I love how unique they are, too. I never like seeing my boys’ closet contents worn by everyone else on the playground!

    • Amanda says

      I strive to support mom run businesses on my blog–and I learn so much from each and every one of them when I interview them for stories. #lucky

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