What to Get the Kid Who Has Everything

Stumped on what to get the kid who has everything? Well I have you covered. As fun as it is to pick out adorable dresses and light up toys, the kids don’t need any of those extra things, nor do their parents want to deal with them. What do parents and kids BOTH want? Something fun to bond over and make memories with—all within your price range, of course.

subscription box CRATES

Kiwi/Koala/Tinker/Doodle Crates

Price Range: Individual boxes start at $8, subscriptions start at $60 for 3 months.

Why it makes an awesome gift: You can find a craft or activity for any age and any interest. My boys have done many Koala Crates independently (they are three and four years old) and have a blast doing Kiwi Crate activities with my help. We love the fact that the crafts have learning extension activities and the crafts contain well made materials—we aren’t talking about Dollar Store quality here. They are made to LAST. And Tinker and Doodle Crates and great for older kids who love to create and design.



subscription box educrate

My EDUCrate

Price Range: Subscription starts at $39.95 a month

Why it makes an awesome gift: Finding a gift for a preteen is insanely difficult. So instead of buying a video game, give them the gift of learning and discovery. Each box includes a monthly challenge, books, and hands on materials picked by teachers to encourage inquiry and creativity.



subscription box bookroo


Price Range: Subscription starts at $17.99 a month

Why it makes an awesome gift: Heading to a shower or birthday party? Then this is the subscription to have. Each month you receive 2-3 individually wrapped books to instill the love and excitement of reading. You can decide if you prefer board or picture books, and the retail value of the books inside the box ALWAYS exceeds the subscription box price. Receive a book that you already have? Enjoy $5 off your next box.

subscription box avery and austin

Avery & Austin

Price Range: Subscription starts at $24 a month

Why it makes an awesome gift: Do you host play dates often? Me too. And to be honest, it can be stressful trying to figure out something fun and unique to do with kids. Enter the Avery and Austin subscription box. Each themed box contains craft kits and snacks for two. Have two little ones similar in age just like me? Then the Avery & Austin box is the answer on how to survive some of those LONG days stuck inside.


subscription box bitsbox


Price Range: Subscription starts at $20 a month

Why it makes an awesome gift: Know a kid who likes to tinker and play with gadgets? Then THIS is their dream subscription box. Each box contains different coding projects that help kids create their own apps. Activities are designed to be hands on and ignite an interest in both coding and experimenting for the older set, ages 6-12.


Packed with Purpose

Price Range: Boxes start at $55

Why it makes an awesome gift: Packed with Purpose isn’t just a great gift for new bundles of joy and their moms, but it is also a way to empower members of your community. Each item included in the Bundle of Joy Signature Gift gives back to the community in a wide variety of ways, from providing young women with job skills to training the homeless and reducing landfill waste.

Hope that these ideas help you find the absolute PERFECT gift for the kid that has everything. If not, be sure to check out my other gift suggestions.

Happy Shopping!
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  1. Rebecca Swenor says

    These are all great subscription boxes for the kids that have everything. I really love the BookRoo subscription for the kids. It is so important for kids to read and be read too I believe. Thanks for sharing the subscription boxes.

  2. Heather Lawrence says

    We picked up kiwi crate for my youngest for Christmas and Nerd box for the other two.
    I love the Kiwi crate but I think I should have gone with Koala instead as this one is a little advanced for her.
    Best gift ever!

  3. Bonnie @wemake7 says

    These boxes all look so awesome. I don’t think I have heard of any of these until now. I would love to sign up for these.

  4. R U S S says

    These are indeed awesome suggestions. I think they’d make perfect presents especially Bookroo and Educrate. I’m all for learning and believe in making children appreciate its value so these subscription boxes would come in handy in promoting that.

  5. Amanda Love says

    I used to do subscription boxes for my kids and I think they have everything but after a while they got boring. I wonder however if my son or daughter might be interested in this.

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