What to Expect From the Science Behind Pixar Exhibit

Need a comeback for when kids complain about math homework? Then head over to the Museum of Science and Industry’s newest exhibit, “The Science Behind Pixar.” This innovative exhibit gives visitors an understanding of how the Pixar team takes one simple idea and uses math and science in order to create a technological masterpiece that wows the eyes and tugs at the heart wrings. Here’s what to expect from “The Science Behind Pixar” exhibit and what all the BUZZ light year is all about:

A mini-movie that takes you through the movie creation process from start to finish. This quick film gives you a framework for all of the interactive displays throughout  “The Science Behind Pixar” exhibit and also introduces visitors to key vocabulary that is prevalent in the film making process.

So many fun photo opps! Our favorite? Buzz Lightyear and the furry gang from Monsters, Inc.

Interactive stations that let you play the part of a Pixar imagineer. There are over 40 hands on activities that break down the eight steps of the film making process that will intrigue visitors of all ages and abilities.

Some of our favorites? Redesigning the color and composition of Lightning McQueen’s hood, manipulating Jessie’s facial features to match the range of emotions in Toy Story, as well as creating a Wall E inspired robot and changing background colors to create different moods in Nemo and Dory’s ocean.

Interviews with members of the Pixar team, in which they give you secret things to look for in beloved Pixar films, as well as share behind the scenes stories about your favorite Pixar created characters.

STEM inspired learning opportunities. The forty different interactive stations show how science, technology, engineering, and math concepts are pivotal for bringing award winning Pixar films to life.

Pixar nostalgia. It is impossible to return home after attending “The Science of Pixar” exhibit at the Museum of Science and Industry and not want to watch a Pixar movie. As for my family, we had a Toy Story marathon, enjoying each film even more now that we knew about the science behind it.

It will take you between 30-60 minutes to check out the entire “The Science Behind Pixar” exhibit. After, be sure to visit the Idea Factory and take advantage of all of my Museum of Science and Industry tips and tricks to enhance your museum experience.

To Infinity and Beyond!
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    • Amanda says

      The Museum of Science and Industry always has the best interactive and educational exhibits. Highly recommend visiting before January!

  1. Katie says

    This would be such a neat place to visit! I love Pixar movies and grew up with them so it would be cool to learn all about how they are made!

    • Amanda says

      The exhibit is open at the Museum of Industry through January so you have lots of time to check it out!

  2. Aarika says

    Yay! I love that exhibit. It’s such a great learning opportunity for both kids and adults. I took my nephew there, and he loved it. That museum is such a special place!

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