What To Expect From Santa’s Village 60th Anniversary Celebration

Who said that holiday magic needs to be confined to the month of December? Well, they were WRONG. Yes, that’s right, you and your family can celebrate all things Santa even in the summer at Santa’s Village in East Dundee. This amusement park has something for everyone, from the thrill seekers to animal lovers and those who are simply pining for some childhood nostalgia. Here’s what to expect when you visit Santa’s Village during their 60thanniversary celebration this summer:

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Festive Décor

When I close my eyes and imagine what Santa’s Village looked like when I was a girl, I remember colorful cottages decorated with candies, elves hiding throughout the grounds, and of course the North Pole outside of Santa’s workshop—how it stayed freezing cold on even the hottest of summer days I will never know. I guess I’ll chalk it up to the magic of Christmas!

I’m happy to report that Santa’s Village still has the same holiday décor that visitors have come to expect—with a few new improvements, of course. So be sure to recreate your favorite childhood photos in front of the gingerbread house and showcase the retro Christmas themed décor on your Instagram feed. It’s THAT cute.

A Plethora of Activities

You know how Santa finds the perfect gift for all of the girls and boys on his list? Well, Santa’s Village has a fun activity to match the interests of every single child that enters the amusement park.

For kids who love to get messy and dig for treasurers like my boys, there is the all new Mining Store. Kids can sift through sand and dirt for buried treasurers like jewels and stones and then use their finds for fun arts and crafts projects at home.

Does your child appreciate live theatre and performances? Then take note of the daily schedule at the Evergreen Theatre posted here. Performances include magicians, exotic animal experts, interactive game shows, and much more. 

Have a competitive family member? Be sure to check out Game Alley and try out the variety of games including “Lucky Duck,” “Goblet Toss,” and my family’s favorite—“Bob’s Fishin’ Hole.” As my boys have showed time and time again, even if you don’t win big you always walk away with a prize.

Animal lovers will be drawn to the popular Animal Zone. Step inside Old MacDonald’s Barn to get up close and personal with skunks (don’t worry—they can’t spray you!) and other local wildlife. During our visit we befriended the most hilarious sheep and my kids loved watching a pair of sibling goats squabble over a treat—something that happens all the time at our house.

You can even find reindeer living at Santa’s Village, so be sure to whisper any Santa requests to your furry friend while feeding them a cup of food. There are so many unique and beautiful creatures (over 200 different animals) living at Santa’s Village that you can spend most of the day with them, but don’t forget about the most popular aspect of the amusement park—the rides!

A Ride for Everyone

While there might not be sleigh rides during the summer, there are tons of fun options whether you are looking for a ride to make your stomach drop, something to spin you silly, or just a simple and slow ride to enjoy. Santa’s Village has it all!

We have visited Santa’s Village with my boys just about every summer of their lives, and it is so fun to see them go from docile favorites like the “Mighty Mate” and “Kiddieland Space Invasion” to classics like the “Balloon Race” and “Snowball Ride.”

With over 24 rides, the fun at Santa’s Village grows right alongside your child., making your yearly trip to the amusement park exciting and new every single time. But once my kids are brave (and tall enough) to tackle rides like the “Sea Dragon” an, “Tri-Nado,” and the “Super Cyclone Coaster,” Daddy while have to ride with them while not-so-brave Mommy enjoys some cotton candy on a bench nearby.

Tasty Treats

Speaking of food, there are tons of new items on the menu this year at Santa’s Village. Mark Stutz is the head chef for the 2019 season and his team is sure to please foodies with items such as the South of the Border Street Corn and Pork Chop on a Stick while still pleasing picky eaters with amusement park staples such as ice cream, funnel cake, and freshly grilled hot dogs and burgers.

And if your kids convince you to take on a ride like “Xtreme Elevation,” treat yourself to an adult beverage such as a craft beer or glass of sangria afterwards. You earned it!

60thAnniversary Celebration

Santa’s Village has been bringing Christmas-themed joy to families since 1959 and this year they are ready to celebrate in a BIG way.

In addition to old favorites, Santa’s Village has an exciting new attraction to add to its repertoire this summer—Santa Springs! Opening later this summer, Santa Springs encourages families to cool off and enjoy water play together. We are so excited for some water filled play and have our fingers crossed for a Santa sighting—maybe in his swimsuit?!?!

For more about Santa’s Village and to purchase tickets, click here.

Have Fun!


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  1. Susan Schuppan says

    I took my children there every year for many years, 30 years ago, and just last week went with my son and his kids, and my hubby. We had a ball. Kids are 4, 3 and almost 2, and each of them loved it. They had gone last year too, and I missed it, so it was awesome to relive the fun with another generation.

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