What to Wear in Family Photos

It’s not just the most popular time to take family photos…it’s also the most popular time to look at your closet and proclaim that you have nothing flattering to wear in photos that are going to last a life time. I mean, I can’t be the ONLY one who goes through this every Fall, right? But after years of photo shoots and chatting with some of the absolute best photographers in Chicagoland, I have learned how to best prepare our family’s wardrobe for professional photos. And the answer is so simple that I can’t believe that I haven’t thought of it before. Seriously. My answer to the question of what to wear in family photos? Blue.

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That’s it. Don’t believe me? Think about it. It’s the most flattering color for people of all ages, skin colors, body types, etc. Light blue, navy…it’s all good, my friends.  Also, it’s probably already in your closet, so you won’t need to go into debt buying clothes for a photo shoot (which is expensive enough as it is!). And if you have a husband like mine who doesn’t like to dress up, he will LOVE the fact that he can wear his comfy pair of jeans instead of some uncomfortable dress pants or other stiff and formal outfit.

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View More: http://kristenlisaphotography.pass.us/simkin-family-2016

Here are some of my other tried and true tips about what to wear in family photos:

Plan around YOUR outfit. Why? Let’s get honest here. Moms are typically the ones who plan the entire photo shoot, so why shouldn’t she be able to pick an outfit that makes her sleep deprived and post baby body feel and look amazing? And if you are anything like me, you will be the one who is most critical of the photos. Pick the outfit that makes you feel best…because when mama is happy, EVERYONE is happy.

Mix different shades of blue. Dark blue jeans, light blue top, royal blue accents…the opportunities are endless.

Mix prints and patterns. We also tend to love stripes in our family so we will mix and match solids and patterns in our family photos. Just be sure to stick with smaller print patterns vs. the large prints that can look overpowering in photos.

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Don’t be too matchy matchy. Definitely coordinate colors, but no one needs to wear matching shirts, dresses, etc. Think about picking out a few options from one clothing collection instead of buying a duplicate item.

Add bright pops of color through accessories. For little girls, think about adding some bright pink tights or one of those adorable bows that I drool over every time I see them at the local kids’ boutique. For boys, you can add an extra color through ties, hats…even funky shoes! Moms can add a pop of color through statement jewelry and Dads can get in on the fun with socks. The opportunities are endless!

Purchase clothes that you will actually wear again, not just for family photos. That’s why I buy clothes from my boys from  Primary or Janie and Jack because they are stylish, affordable, and hold up well to my crazy little boys’ antics.

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Plan out a few different outfit options. Spills happen, kids grow out of clothes in the blink of an eye…so it is smart to have a back up option for everyone. One of the reasons why I love using the Le Tote clothing subscription service is because the options are endless for accessories and clothing—rings, scarves, dresses, sweaters, tops, etc. All I did to prepare for our photo shoot was search for navy clothing and I had tons of different outfits to choose from.

Don’t believe me that blue is the way to go for family photos? Then check out our family photos from our recent photo shoot with Kristen Lisa Photography. We were all coordinated, comfortable, and our photos came out great if you ask me!


View More: http://kristenlisaphotography.pass.us/simkin-family-2016

Shop their look.

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Shop my look.



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  1. Jenn says

    This is a great post. Until now I never realized how right you are about the colour blue. The most important point is plan around mom. I usually plan everyone else’s then I have nothing to wear

  2. Kathy says

    These are such great tips. The photos look great too! Such a great looking family. I need to do some family photos soon.

  3. Ann Bacciaglia says

    We are planning to do some family photos this weekend. I have been trying to think of what everyone should wear. Thanks for the great tips.

  4. HilLesha says

    I do agree that blue is a striking color for family pictures! It has been years since my family and I had our picture taken together, but I will certainly keep these tips in mind.

  5. Emma Spellman says

    I have been thinking about this a lot lately because we will be taking a family photo soon. I was thinking of doing a jeans and a white T-shirt theme, but now you got me thinking about blue. You have a beautiful family.

    • Amanda says

      One year we did white shirts and jeans and we looked really washed out. I highly recommend inserting another color to give your photos more “life!”

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