Ways to Celebrate the Holidays at Home

There’s no place like home for the holidays…especially during a global pandemic! But if you are feeling bummed about missing all of the traditional fun you usually do around town, don’t despair. There is TONS of holiday-themed fun to be had at home. Here are ELEVEN Ways to Celebrate the Holidays at Home.

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Pajama Party

First off, since most people are staying in their pajamas 24/7 since there isn’t anywhere else to go, get cozy IN STYLE! Every year my family dons matching holiday pajamas, and this year we went with a classic Buffalo Check pattern that we can wear all winter long. Since Target sells out quickly, don’t forget to broaden your search, and check out all of the great options on Amazon. Don’t forget the slippers, either!

Make Indoor Snow

My boys and I are waiting not-so-patiently for the first major snowfall so we can build a snowman and pelt each other with snowballs, but until then we are making good use of my tried-and-true indoor snow recipes. Most of the ingredients are incredibly simple and something you might already have in your bathroom closet, so check out these great indoor snow recipes to help you celebrate the holidays at home.

Design Your Own Decorations

Is your creativity burnt out? That’s where Pop of Paper Co. comes in. Two Chicagoland-based, creative moms came up with perfectly curated holiday craft kits filled with clear directions and all the supplies you need to craft your way to Christmas.

Each box contains a mini honeycomb garland, paper window/wall decals, 2 DIY crafts with all supplies (perfect for siblings) and an extra surprise to put a smile on your face. Boxes can be purchased individually for $49.99 (includes shipping) or $42.99 for pickup (Western suburbs of Chicago).

Build a Gingerbread House

Putting together a ramshackle gingerbread house is one of our favorite family traditions, and this year I was SO PUMPED to come across all of the unique gingerbread house options from Target’s Wondershop line. Since my house is filled with football fanatics, we of course scooped up the football field and I especially loved the camper since I love anything and everything retro!

Have an Epic Holiday Family Movie Night

As I shared over on Red Tricycle earlier this month, the holidays provide families with a great opportunity to take a favorite activity—Family Movie Night—and take it up a notch. Serve popcorn sprinkled with Christmas treats in holiday mugs and cue up your favorite Christmas movie and take some more inspiration from my article!

Make DIY Gifts

Grandparents and other family members love gifts made from the heart, so I highly recommend using your extra time at home to brainstorm DIY gifts for those you love. If you are like me and trying to support small businesses as much as you can this holiday season, I recommend checking out the Paint-Your-Own-Pottery options from Thrown Elements Pottery.

There is a wide variety of holiday-themed pieces to choose from, as well as paint packets for you to prepare at home, return to the studio to be fired, and then give away as a gift. From ornaments to figurines, to those beautiful, large lit ceramic trees, Thrown Elements has so many great ways to help you celebrate the holidays at home.

Play & Learn

One of the best things about getting to celebrate the holidays at home is that you can set up tons of festive activities using simple materials. My favorite for keeping kids playing and learning? Resin letters and numbers.

Mama and OG is a local line that creates personalized resin letters filled with sprinkles, confetti, and so much more so that you can play and learn throughout the holiday season. She suggests using her resin letters and numbers along with a game of dreidel to teach children how to spell out each word on the dreidel or how to count the gelt they have won.

You can also use them in your Elf on the Shelf displays—the possibilities are endless!

Experiment with Candy Cane STEM Art

Lots of (broken) candy canes lying around the house? GREAT! Use them to learn all about science through this Candy Cane STEM Art activity. All you need is three very simple materials and lots of curiosity and creativity while creating a science experiment all your own. Check out the directions here.

Prepare Christmas Charcuterie

Let’s face it—baking with kids can be awful. But taking already made holiday-themed treats and arranging them on a big, fun platter? SO MUCH MORE ENJOYABLE. We kick off every weekend throughout the holiday season with a Sweet and Salty Christmas Charcuterie Platter filled with all of our favorite things and you can, too!

Learn About All Holidays

As an interfaith family, we celebrate both Hannukah and Christmas. So for us it is incredibly important to learn about holidays that different cultures celebrate during the winter season. Our favorite way to learn? Through books, of course! Here is my family’s curated list of great interfaith holiday books.

Give a Merry Makeover

Turn your child’s room into a Winter Wonderland using simple things like string, shatter-proof ornaments, tape, and Christmas lights. Bonus points if you incorporate winter/Christmas themed bedding to make the makeover as merry as possible! Check out my video tutorial here.

For more holiday-themed fun, check out this page full of activities.

What does YOUR family plan on doing to celebrate the holidays at home this year? I’d love to hear your ideas in the comments!

Happy Holidays!


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