Ways to Celebrate Mother’s Day (That Don’t Involve Brunch)

What one word do you think of when you hear the term “Mother’s Day?” Maybe you picture your mom. Or a bouquet of flowers. But if you ask me, one thing pops into my head—BRUNCH. You see, ever since I was a little girl, I spent the day celebrating my mom, grandma, and aunt over brunch. And now that I’m a mom, I love spending the day leisurely sipping mimosas and stuffing my face with all the carbs the brunch buffet can offer. But what about if the mom in your life isn’t a “Basic Brunch” Mom? Here are some ways to celebrate Mother’s Day—that don’t include brunch.

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Ways to Celebrate Mother's Day That Include Include Brunch - Yoga

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Take a yoga class together and toast to your good health afterwards with a post workout smoothie. And maybe even surprise the mom in your life with some adorable new yoga clothes as a Mother’s Day gift.

Cook together. Many moms prefer to have a day off of cooking (like me), but there truly is something magical about preparing a meal together using time honored family recipes carried down from one generation to another. Just have someone else do the dishes. Don’t forget to browse through my favorite family friendly recipes.

Ways to Celebrate Mother's Day That Include Include Brunch - Wine Tasting

Enjoy a wine tasting together. It doesn’t matter if you head out to a wine shop or restaurant to taste wines or simply set up your own tasting at home. Good wine and good company is always a good time. And if you need some help choosing wines, you can’t go wrong with 90+ Cellars wines!

Stop and smell the roses. The Chicago Botanic Garden is a stunning place to enjoy all of Spring’s beauty, or you can also enjoy the seasonal greenery at the Morton Arboretum or even Cantigny Park. Pack a picnic and make a day of it. If this isn’t a fun way to celebrate Mother’s Day in Chicago, I don’t know what is!

Ways to Celebrate Mother's Day That Include Include Brunch - Hike

Take a hike. There are so many great trail options, from paved ones like the 606 in the city or the stunning Naperville Riverwalk, or head off the beaten track at options such as Starved Rock. And with everyone else at brunch on Mother’s Day, you can have the trails to yourself.

Shop ‘til you drop. Head to your favorite mall or strip of boutiques without any kids whining about how long it is taking or any men who tend to point out that you buy the same things over and over again. And don’t forget to stop for an indulgent latte while shopping! Here are my top picks from Target!

Enjoy a spa day together. Whether you enjoy a mani/pedi, facial, or massage, any and all moms deserve to be pampered at least one day a year. You can even have your own spa day at home  if you are up for a little DIY. This is one of my favorite ways to celebrate Mother’s Day since I tend to overlook any and all self-care.

Ways to Celebrate Mother's Day That Include Include Brunch - Crafting

Create something together. I inherited creativity from my mom and went ahead and passed it to my oldest son, so we love to bond over our creativity. Whether we are making playdough, creating an upcycled bouquet, or even pouring handmade candles together, we enjoy the creative journey just as much as the finished product.

Start your garden together. Whether you simply browse beautiful Chicagoland nurseries or actually break ground and plant your own flower and veggie garden, a day spent in nature is never wasted. Here are some tips for gardening with your littles.

Listen to the music. In an area such as Chicagoland, there are always plays, musicals and concerts going on in the city and the suburbs. Pick up a pair of tickets to something that suits your tastes, whether it is the Evanston Symphony Orchestra or whatever new show is touring Chicagoland.

Ways to Celebrate Mother's Day That Include Include Brunch

Now that you have ways to celebrate Mother’s Day that don’t include brunch, don’t forget to surprise the moms in your life with an indulgent gift or something special from Target. Even if she says she doesn’t want or need anything. Because she does. Trust me!

Happy Mother’s Day!
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  1. Melanie says

    Enjoying a spa day together is my favorite way to celebrate my mama!! We go to this little spot at the beach that has hot tubs to enjoy after your services and it is just such a relaxing, wonderful day!

  2. Amber Battishill says

    Love these ideas! You had me at yoga! 😉 I’m starting my Mother’s Day with a few yoga classes and then an early dinner out with the family. I just want to relax and enjoy some quiet that evening! LOL.

  3. Brittney says

    I LOVE this post! My mom doesn’t live nearby, but my husband and kids do a lot of this with me! We start my planting each year for mother’s day, we hit the vineyard for picnics and go on hikes…and sometimes, if I’m lucky we shop til we drop! Great list!

    • Amanda says

      Sounds like you are wonderfully spoiled on MOther’s Day–much deserved! Have a great Mother’s Day!

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