Useful Stocking Stuffers

By the time I start thinking about stocking stuffers, I have transformed from Buddy the Elf to the Grinch. I seriously just can’t put any more effort towards creative stocking stuffers after meticulously scouring stores for the perfect clothes, toys, games, and more. So I only stuff my family’s stockings with things that they can actually use in every day life. So if you are looking for some “no frills” and useful stocking stuffers, this is the list for you!


DeodorantRazorsSocks *Gum/Mints * Headphones * Sunscreen * Kleenex * Gloves * Granola Bars * Chapstick

* Body Wash * Underwear * Trail mix * Small bottles of booze * Phone charger


Body lotion * Bubble bath * Gum/Mints * Socks * Underwear * Headphones * Post it notes * Phone charger * Can of wine * Kleenex

* Lip gloss * Nail polish * Hair ties * Mittens * Scarf * Candy * Snacks


Light up toothbrush * Body soap * Bath toys * Fruit snacks * Granola bars * Kleenex * Socks * Underwear * Belt * Juice box *

Yogurt covered raisins * Disposable camera * Notepad with pencil * Gloves/mittens * Winter hat

What are some of your favorite stocking stuffers that are actually USEFUL?

Looking for other gift ideas? I’ve got you covered!

Happy Holidays!
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  1. Alli Smith says

    I’m the same way – by the time I’m done Christmas shopping, I’m tempted to leave the stockings bare! Once, I gave my grown daughter my debit card and begged her to do it for me. She did and I was so relieved. This year, I’m taking your list with me because I like to give practical, everyday items when it comes to stocking stuffers.

  2. Jeanette says

    There’s a lot of great suggestions here for stocking stuffers. This year I think I am just going to do stocking stuffers for my son. I used to do it for my son and my husband but moneywise this year my son is the winner and he will be getting the stockings by himself. I usually do something like candy or an item that cost less than a couple dollars.

  3. Pam says

    I always like to add useful and practical things in our stockings. Of course, I also like to add a lot of candy, too.

  4. Maureen @Scoops of Joy says

    Great stocking stuffers idea you have here. We don’t have that tradition here in Indonesia but I always love, love, love seeing how pretty the stockings are and how happy everyone gets on Christmas day 🙂

  5. Natasha says

    Great suggestions. I need to pick up a few of these things. Last year my then 2.5 year old asked why his stocking was so full and ours were pretty empty.

    I usually get my husband a bag of pistachio nuts for his stocking too and always include the traditional orange.

  6. Rebecca Swenor says

    I do believe that stuffing the stockings with items people are going to use is an awesome idea. We all need these things every day so why not get them for our loved ones. I love the idea of the gum and mints which can go in everyone’s stocking. and the lip balm for everyone too. Thanks for sharing the stocking stuffer ideas.

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