Ultimate “Out of This World” Lunch Box

Whether this school year consists of remote learning, attending school in-person or a combination of both, it has the potential to be AMAZING. I have found that adding a little extra love and attention can give my little learners a boost of confidence, and one of my favorite ways to do that is by creating a lunch box full of love. Putting together a delicious and nutritious meal of childhood’s favorite flavors that I feel good about serving and my kids feel good about eating isn’t hard, especially when remembering that childhood is always in session. Check out these tips for creating the Ultimate “Out of This World” Lunch Box that will have your child shooting for the stars this school year.

Out of This World Lunch Box - Love Note

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Lunch Box Basics

On average, parents pack about 180 lunches per school year, which can be stressful on top of everything else on our plates (including remote learning!). Variety is key so that kids don’t get bored but at the same time parents shouldn’t be reinventing the wheel—err, lunchbox—every day. Stocking your fridge and pantry with whimsical and delicious food is a great starting block for creating a lunch box full of love.

When stocking your pantry for easy lunch box assembly, include colorful foods (even kids eat with their eyes first) that fulfill multiple areas of the food pyramid, being sure to include tried-and-true brands that parents can rely on. Sun-Maid has been one of my go-to’s for as long as I can remember and they have expanded outside their familiar red box and introduced a new snack line, Sun-Maid Bites.

Out of This World Lunch Box - Pantry Staple

The Bites are whole fruit, whole grain oats and nuts, have less than 5 grams of added sugar, and do not contain artificial flavors or synthetic colors. With four fun delicious flavors that kids love like S’mores, Birthday Cake, PB&J and Banana Split, your family can enjoy childhood’s favorite flavors all in one, delicious bite.

Lastly, be sure that you have fun and playful tools like skewers, sandwich cutters (check out this neat solar-system themed set), stickers and post-it notes in your pantry so that you can pack lunches that celebrate the silliness that is childhood. Not only will your kids be wowed by what these tools can create, you will also be pleased with how they make packing lunch boxes day after day a breeze.

“Sky is the Limit” Lunch Box

Now that you know what to stock your pantry with, here are my tips for creating the Ultimate “Out of This World” Lunch Box:

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Out of This World Lunch Box
  • Bento boxes are great for maintaining portion size and encouraging food variety, as well as easy for transportation and clean up. We have used stainless-steel Planetbox Lunch Boxes for years and they have truly withstood the test of time. My youngest son’s fascination with outer space and his cool Solar System Lunch Box set served as the inspiration for this “Out of this World” Lunch box, too!
  • Sandwich cutters make fun lunches that showcase how childhood is always in session without extra work from parents. I love this set for creating the Ultimate “Sky is the Limit” Lunchbox because of its variety of pieces and the fact that you can use the cutters on things other than just sandwiches.

Quick tip: When creating “firm” sandwiches like ham and cheese, assemble the sandwich first before using the cutters and do the opposite for “soft” sandwiches like PB&J’s.

  • A great way to celebrate how childhood creativity is always in session is by thinking outside of typical sandwich bread. Use tortillas, bagels, English muffins, rice cakes…or no bread at all!
  • Just like the “Sky is the Limit” with bread, the options are endless when creating other parts of lunch. Since childhood is always in session, think like a kid and use your imagination while building items such as fruit and veggie rocket ships, designing your own solar system thanks to cheese cut into star shapes, and adding googly eyes to your child’s favorite flavor of Sun-Maid Bites to construct the most delicious aliens on the planet. While they might taste like dessert, the Bites are a better-for-you bite that you don’t have to worry about!
Out of This World Lunch Box - Cookie Cutters
  • Don’t forget the “snack” part of your lunchbox. Sun-Maid gives parents the confidence they need in choosing snacks that provide great taste and nutrition for a happy and healthy family so you don’t have to stress when your child makes a bee line for the Bites!

I’d love to see how you create the Ultimate “Sky is the Limit” Lunchbox using my tips and tricks. Be sure to tag me in your posts so I can share on my social media.

Here’s to our shooting stars succeeding this school year! For more kid-friendly recipes, click here.



    • Amanda says

      At this point I would pack everyone in our school’s lunch if it meant that my kids could be back at school. We miss it so much!

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