How to Have the Ultimate Date Night in Chicagoland

Ok, mom. Sit down and listen to me. YOU NEED A DATE NIGHT. And I’m not taking no for an answer. Why? Because it is an excuse to get out of your yoga pants, actually take a shower, and focus on YOU (and maybe even give some attention to your partner or spouse instead of the kiddos) for a change. And c’mon, doesn’t the thought of enjoying a meal without having to cut up someone else’s food sound simply AMAZING? Yep, I thought so. Ditch the guilt and read through my tips on How to Have the Ultimate Date Night in Chicagoland, from babysitters to romantic restaurants and where to find the cutest outfit for your big night out.

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First things first…there is no date night without child care, plain and simple. And when you can’t rely on family members to watch your kids, it can be a bit nerve wracking to have a stranger come and stay with your kids. Thankfully there is K Grace Childcare, a mom owned business that provides fully vetted and trained babysitters that are matched to your family on a long-term basis or Chicago Super Sitters for other childcare needs. Need a more budget-friendly option? Then swap babysitting duties with a friend (one night you watch her kids, one night she watches yours)…kids are happy, parents are happy, and your wallet is happy!


One of my favorite things about having a date night on our calendar is that I can then take some time to prep for it and try to hide all of the gray hairs that my kids have given me (and what mom isn’t thankful that ombre color hair is STILL in style to help hide her roots?!?!) and take care of myself. There is nothing better than getting a blow out at Blowtique  and my nails always benefit from some extra love at my favorite nail salon. You can even have your date night include a couples massage, such as the ones offered at The Spa at Lincolnshire.

And while we are talking about treating ourselves, don’t forget that a date night ALWAYS gives you an opportunity to get a cute new outfit or accessory. There is nothing I love better than a new piece of jewelry, some Spanx shapewear or a cute new dress…and I just tell my husband that it is an old outfit and he totally believes me.


I have already written some articles about my favorite romantic restaurants but here’s the thing…I prefer my date nights to be more of an experience. You too? Then check out the different options available on Living Social so you can find something new to do while saving some money. Another favorite is to learn a new skill through activities such as the hands on cooking classes offered at the Chicago Botanic Gardens. And don’t forget to listen to what YOU like to do. Are you more at home attending bingo at your local VFW hall with a pitcher of beer? Go for it! Would you rather sip cocktails at an underground bar like the Watershed? Enjoy! Your date night isn’t for your Instagram feed…it is for YOU.

Rather have a Date Night IN? I’ve got you covered with these fun ways to spice up a date night at home.

Have fun, mama!


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  1. Amanda says

    Any of your favorite date spots make the list? If not, tell me about your top spots so I can selfishly try them out!

  2. adriana says

    Date nights are so important, especially when you have kids and don’t get out much! I love your ideas! Thanks for sharing!

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