Uh Oh Pasghettio–Kim Howard and Amanda Bonaviri

The story behind the partnership of Uh Oh Pasghettio can be described in one simple yet tricky on the tongue word:  serendipitous.  Kim Howard and Amanda Bonaviri both met in 2009 while their husbands were in business school in North Carolina.  They individually worked as consultants for the same client–Kim ran the marketing department and Amanda was the graphic designer.


The two clicked instantly, and decided to team up on other projects with other clients.  In 2010, Amanda and her husband relocated to Chicago; in 2011, Kim and her husband returned to the city where they both had been raised.  After a couple of years partnering as a marketing and design team, including helping a number of clients launch businesses of their own,  Kim and Amanda decided it was time to do it for themselves.  Using Amanda’s passion for design, production, and kids goods, and Kim’s expertise in marketing and business, Uh Oh Pasghettio was born.


In my humble opinion, choosing the name Uh Oh Pasghettio was a genius decision because it aptly describes the unique and colorful designs Kim and Amanda feature in their store.  Initially focusing on invitations and wall prints when they opened in 2013, Uh Oh Pasghettio then expanded to include baby announcements, and just recently launched canvas pieces this fall.  But these aren’t just any types of prints.  Each and every design is hand created, with color matching available, on high quality materials.  Every distinct piece is hand crafted on 100% cotton rag Natural White certified archival paper with certified archival ink so that any piece you purchase from Uh Oh Pasghettio is truly an impeccable work of art.  Their canvas pieces are hand stretched and hand stapled, as well as guaranteed to last 100 years without fading, a clear sign of Kim and Amanda’s dedication to high caliber art.


While building their fun and stylish print business, both Kim and Amanda were going through major life changes, including raising a toddler, two babies being born and two moves–Amanda halfway across the country and Kim to the suburbs of Chicago–but their dedication to high quality never wavered, no matter how many times the babies were up the night before.  By continuing to test prints to maintain elite standards, Uh Oh Pasghettio has earned the business of many return customers and was even featured in a Pottery Barn store in Fairfax, Virginia.  In the coming year, Uh Oh Pasghettio plans to dip its toe into selling apparel via screen printing and I am sure that the accolades will continue.


As busy moms of small children (Amanda is mom to Zoey and Luca with Kim being mom to Will), they are similar to many other moms who struggle with maintaining balance and making sure there is enough time in the day for building their business and spending quality time with their beloved families.  But the great thing about their partnership is that Kim and Amanda collaborate and feed off of one another to keep their momentum and focus on their main goals, checking things off their to-do lists every day.  They always have each other’s back, covering for one another when kids are sick and when other mommy duties require their attention.  Although it is difficult to not get sidetracked, Kim and Amanda’s adorable kids always come first and truly serve as the inspiration for their playful and fun prints.  Amanda even uses some of the hilarious situations that her kids create at home to influence some of Uh Oh Pasghettio’s colorful pieces.


Kim and family

When asked about advice for moms who want to venture into the small business world, their clear message to future entrepreneurs is to have confidence and realistic expectations. One of their proudest achievements is that they are debt free, even after making costly investments in their business, ranging from a commercial printer, archival quality paper and ink, to personalized packaging and other production costs.  The fact that they did not cut corners in order to skimp on any element just goes to show how Kim and Amanda were realistic in understanding the high price of their expenses and confident enough to know that these were necessary investments in order to make their business a success. Kim and Amanda adhere to the mantra of looking at the bigger picture and celebrating small wins, for they lead to bigger and even better ones.  This positivity clearly spills over into their radiant prints and made getting to know them for this piece such a wonderful experience.


Amanda and family

Knowing that selecting a print from Uh Oh Pasghettio is an investment in art, they are offering different promotions daily for the holidays.  The shipping deadline for this holiday season is December 16th, and expedited shipping is also available.  Since prints may not be considered “traditional” holiday gifts (that’s what makes them so fantastic to find under the tree!), there are also gift certificates available on the Uh Oh Pasghettio website.


Will and Luca…budding entrepreneurs?

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  1. Jeanine says

    This is lovely! I love supporting small, business women! I actually make it a point to shop with them more and make sure u spread the word!

    • amandasimkin says

      Kim and Amanda seem to have the perfect balance and they are both wonderful ladies to collaborate with!

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