Ugh, Daylight Savings Time…

Ugh, Daylight Savings Time just doesn’t mean the same for tired parents.

Pre-kids:  Fall Back.  Sleep In.  Sleep off last night’s Halloween party hangover.

With kids:  Wake up at 6, or even 5…on a Sunday!  Experience what feels like the longest day of your life. Lose an hour of light that you could have used expending energy outside instead of being cooped up inside.

daylight savings

Oh, the wonderful notion of Daylight Savings Time.  I used to really love getting that extra hour of sleep and feeling super refreshed, really,  did.  I didn’t even mind that it got darker earlier because it forced me to go to bed a little earlier.  I was so refreshed in the morning!  But along with becoming a parent, your ability to sleep soundly simply swirls down the drain during your four minute shower while your kids either try to climb in with you, or they desperately NEED you to find their beloved green blankie, even if you have soap suds in your hair.

Daylight Savings Tips for Parents -

So, if you are like me and dread today, here are some tips for dealing with the LONGEST DAY EVER.

*Your kids are going to get you up early.  Just suck it up and deal with it.  So….go out to breakfast.  All of those people who usually make your favorite place so crowded are probably still asleep.  Take advantage.

*Start putting your kids to bed a little bit early to prepare them for Daylight Savings Time.  That is, if you are organized enough.  We weren’t, as a result of Halloween and all of the fun that comes with it, so we will be starting this “early to bed” notion today, starting with nap time. We got into the habit of having a super late afternoon nap, but I will be *hopefully* putting them down earlier so that they don’t get tricked into having extremely long naps because of the darkness outside and then not sleep well overnight.

*Get black out shades.  It is going to be getting lighter earlier outside, and if you value your sleep, keep the light out of your kiddo’s rooms.  You can find them everywhere!

*Go outside and feel the sunshine on your faces.  Being outside is great for 1,000,000 reasons and it also helps internal clocks adjust.

*Have busy mornings and relaxing afternoons to encourage restful naps in the afternoon.

Stay strong, mamas and papas!  And thanks, Rylie, for letting your brother tuck you in for a nap.

Hoping you get some rest, mamas!
Amanda 🙂
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  1. Erin@thelumpyplace says

    Good tips!! I’m fairly certain I had an entire pot of coffee yesterday to survive. Every year, I tell myself to lower my expectations, and every year it throws us all off. I’m assuming when they’re teenagers, we’ll be complaining about how they don’t ever want to wake up. 🙂

  2. Anita Utami says

    Oh gosh, the time change. I used to enjoy it. When I was pregnant, I started to dislike it. Now that I have a kid, I despise it. The coffee machine has been my best friend these past couple of years.

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