Tully: The Ultimate “Mom Movie”

Typically when movies are geared towards moms, it is because there are humorous moments of kids misbehaving, as well as a male piece of eye candy and some type of scene when the female characters let loose and shed their “mom status” for an hour or two. And while these movies are entertaining (I mean, I loved going out with my gal pals to see “Bad Moms”), they don’t really get to the heart of motherhood and what it truly entails. At least, this was true before I had the pleasure of seeing “Tully” and finally found a movie about motherhood that truly GETS IT.


Diablo Cody (Screenwriter) and Jason Reitman (Director) artfully tell the story of Marlo (played by Charlize Theron), an exhausted forty something mom of three kids and how she handles challenges, from finding developmental resources for her “quirky” son to reigniting her marriage—all while riding the roller coaster that is life with a newborn. When Marlo’s brother gifts her a night nurse, Tully (played by Mackenzie Davis), to help with post partum issues, the real story of motherhood truly begins. Now, I won’t give away any spoilers and take away from the picture that Cody and Reitman create, but I need to explain why all parents need to get lost in the world of “Tully.”



We all know that motherhood can be a bittersweet time, with moms walking a tightrope between being a mom (and the million responsibilities and demands that the role requires) and being their true selves (whose needs and wants have been overshadowed by the aforementioned responsibilities and demands). Then we step on a Lego and all hell breaks lose. Kidding—kind of.


Throughout the film, both of these sides are acknowledged (and there are definitely some scenes involving Legos, too).  Tully not only takes care of the baby at night, but also helps Marlo piece herself back together into a blend of her pre-baby and post-baby self. Tully plays a pivotal role that not just helps Marlo get some sleep, but also become awakened by being her sounding board, source of encouragement, and her friend.


As a viewer watching Cody and Reitman’s story unfold, you will also come to a point of realization—your own personal awakening, perhaps–regarding their authentic presentation of motherhood. Not surface level motherhood, but the deep, pivotal issues that moms face post-partum. With its sarcastic charm, witty characters, and artistic storyline, “Tully” forces the spotlight and the conversation where other “mom movies” have never gone before.




Enjoy the movie!
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  1. Alicia Owen says

    I wondered if this was any good! I definitely want to see it now! I love anything that portrays life, and especially parenthood, realistically.

    • Amanda says

      It is such an honest take on motherhood. Won’t be surprised if it wins awards for its great story.

  2. Leah says

    When I saw the trailer I thought finally a movie hat actually depicts real motherhood! I’ve heard mixed reviews though, I still want to see it!

    • Amanda says

      I highly recommend that you watch it yourself to see which of the mixed reviews you agree with!

  3. Tabbie says

    I’m not much of a movie person but this looks like one I’ll have to check out. I do love it when movies really “get” aspects of life like motherhood!

  4. Brittney says

    I’ve been away for a month, but my close friends and I are having a mom date to see this when I’m back this week! Thanks for not spilling any spoilers, I’m so glad to hear it’s worth it!

  5. Amy Dong says

    This sounds like a movie I’d love to watch with my friends! Motherhood is a roller coaster ride, and it’s fun to share a movie that’s both deep yet witty with other mom-friends 🙂

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