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Looking for a way to workout with your wiggly and squirmy toddler? Well, Jeff Franckowiak of Tone Up Club has the answer for you. This certified personal trainer (and future Daddy) leads parents and their kiddos through a fun and interactive “Tone Up With Your Tot” every weekend!

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Designed for parents and children between 2 to 5 years old, this high energy class provides a way for your kids to burn off their abundance of energy and bond with Mom or Dad through a wide array of exercises. By singing, moving, and playing, even the shiest of kids (such as my oldest son) will be smiling and giggling—and you will be sweating. Trust me on this one!

Over the course of the hour long class, Jeff leads Moms and Dads through exercises to increase their heart rates and tone all major muscle groups while their children serve as partners in each and every exercise. One of my favorite strength training moves was when all of the adults were in a “downward dog” position and the kids crawled under us (and through a colorful tunnel, too). I also really enjoyed how many of the strength moves (like squatting while holding my toddler) also proved to improve my cardio strength as well…and my son is on the light side!

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When preparing for the “Tone Up With Your Tot” class, be sure to wear comfortable clothing and gym shoes, as well as bring a water bottle. We definitely worked up a sweat running back and forth through the room, practicing shuffling and other fancy footwork and while using our little ones to help weigh us down when completing some fun and unique ab exercises. If you really want to increase your workout, you can also wear wrist or ankle weights, but I didn’t feel that was necessary since Jeff did such a good job showing us other modifications that fit our fitness abilities.

At the low price of $20 for the parent/child pair and at a family friendly time (Sunday mornings) for working and stay at home moms, this is the perfect way to step up your fitness routine, all while showing your child that fitness is fun and important.

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Currently the “Tone Up With Your Tots” class is being held at Jeff’s gym, Tone Up Club, and there is also a future class scheduled at a great local resource for moms in Northbrook, New Mother New Baby. Be sure to check their websites for details.

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Happy Sweating!

Amanda 🙂

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  1. Elle says

    Looks like a lot of fun! It’s always great for parents & kids to get out and socialize as well as burn some energy off. Glad to see programs like this are still very alive & well! 🙂

    • amandasimkin says

      It is a huge relief for parents like me in Chicago…we are going stir crazy not being able to play outside (it has been around 10 degrees nonstop). Boo.

  2. Stephanie says

    love stuff like this! We are up in Chi every so often for hubs job and I go stir crazy when we have to do a winter visit, so something like this would be perfect!!

    • amandasimkin says

      Yes, it is a great place to go during the winter because you don’t have to wait outside in lines like some of the other museums (at least when they are really crowded). The lake effect wind is BRUTAL!

  3. Tara says

    These are fantastic. Beyond being good for your health, I think it sets a great example for your children on being active and making your health a priority.

  4. becky says

    this is great! I teach Stroller Strides classes which are similar but kids are in the stroller. My daughter has been attending classes with me since she was a tiny baby and she loves it! She does squats and jumping jacks all of the time.

    • amandasimkin says

      I tried Stoller Strides…it was fun until I spent half the class convincing my little guy to stay in the stroller!

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