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It’s about that time when your calendar is filled with party after party, whether if it is a work holiday party, Christmas cookie exchange, or the grand daddy of them all—Thanksgiving dinner. So while you thank your lucky stars that you didn’t get stuck with the hosting duties this year, think about how you can help out your gracious host and hostess. While bringing a side dish is great, what’s really appreciated is something to be enjoyed AFTER the party is over and peace and quiet reigns. Here are some thoughtful hostess gifts that will get you invited back to the party year after year:

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What Makes a Thoughtful Hostess Gift?

Let’s be real…it’s typical the woman in the house who hosts the parties. From the cleaning to the shopping and the cooking, she is typically at the forefront. So when choosing the perfect hostess gift, think about HER and HER wants and needs. No one else (sorry, honey!).

  • A gift that pampers her
  • A gift that is unique, just like her
  • A gift that encourages comfort and relaxation
  • A gift that she wouldn’t splurge on for herself
  • A gift that shows your thoughtfulness and appreciation


I am hosting Thanksgiving this year, and after throwing an epic Pumpkin Carving Party with over 100 people, I am already exhausted and hoping that someone shows up at my door with some of these thoughtful hostess gifts.


Hostess Gift Suggestions

Gift idea: Skylar Candles

Why it’s a perfect hostess gift: These natural, clean burning candles are perfect for detoxing your home and adding gorgeous holiday scents through their Sprinkles x Skylar holiday candles.


Gift idea: Ghiardelli Chocolates

Why it’s a perfect hostess gift: What’s better than enjoying decadent chocolate and not having to share with ANYONE? Nothing. Absolutely nothing.



Gift idea: 90+ Cellars Brut Rose’

Why it’s a perfect hostess gift: Just because summer is over doesn’t mean that rose’ season has to stop. Instead, add some bubbles and toast to the hostess with the mostest.



Gift idea: iLLY Espresso Gift Set

Why it’s a perfect hostess gift: Let’s be honest. A hostess is going to need a STRONG cup of coffee to deal with the party aftermath. So treat her to decadent espresso to help fuel her up—and maybe head over to help join the clean up team.



Gift idea: Flowers/Vase Combo

Why it’s a perfect hostess gift: Fresh flowers are such a great gift for a hostess, but they are more work for her if you don’t trim them and put them in a vase! World Market has TONS of vases of different styles and price points, so you will find the perfect vase and flower combo for your hostess.



Gift idea: Minted Cocktail Napkins

Why it’s a perfect hostess gift: Minted’s cocktail napkin collection are truly works of art and the perfect thing to splurge on for your soiree loving friend.



Gift idea: Balsam Hill Wreath

Why it’s a perfect hostess gift: You can never go wrong with adding some festive greenery to a friend’s home. Balsam Hill’s wreaths are of excellent quality and extremely life-like and your hostess will love the fact that she won’t have to sweep up any pine needles.



Gift idea: Hand Cream

Why it’s a perfect hostess gift: All the dish washing wreaks havoc on hands, especially during the Fall and Winter. Just a small squirt of this luxurious hand cream and all evidence of cleaning and cooking will disappear.



Gift idea: Marble and Gold Serving Tray

Why it’s a perfect hostess gift: This elegant piece will make a statement weather featuring an exquisite cheeses or hot dogs wrapped in dough.



Gift idea: Custom Wine Charms

Why it’s a perfect hostess gift: She will never forget where she put her glass thanks to these adorable wine charms. You can even customize them to make them even more special.



Gift idea: Apron

Why it’s a perfect hostess gift: Ensure that her cute outfit doesn’t get ruined by cooking or other spills. There are also tons of different ways to personalize an apron for your hostess, whether she is a baker…or a drinker. 😉



Gift idea: Stella & Dot Scarf

Why it’s a perfect hostess gift: You probably already know about Stella & Dot’s fantastic jewelry, but they also have great accessories such as these stylish scarves. They dress up any outfit and are the perfect winter accessory to gift your favorite hostess.



Gift idea: European Glass Ornaments

Why it’s a perfect hostess gift: Gift your hostess a true work of art. Balsam Hill sells a variety of European glass ornaments that are a perfect addition to any Christmas tree.



Gift idea: Chenille Socks

Why it’s a perfect hostess gift: What’s the perfect remedy after being on your feet all day? Cozy and comfy chenille socks!

Click here for other gift suggestions and here for when it’s your time to host!


Enjoy the party!


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  1. Caroline says

    this is so timely with the holidays coming up. great suggestions, especially the hand cream. I can never have enough of it during the winter and getting a really nice quality hand cream is such a treat.

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