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Moms truly are amazing. They take care of the house, raise kids, and devote so much of their time to their families that there isn’t much time for these super women to pamper themselves. But have no fear, there is one local mom who is making all that change. Who is this treasured find? Male (short for Maria Elena) Jonas, the makeup artist behind I Do Bridal Makeup. Not only does she specialize in getting brides and bridal parties prepped for the big day, but Male also helps moms to pamper themselves for the big events in their lives (including sharing some of her makeup secrets!).

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Male is a special event guru who comes to you for all of your beauty needs. Before any makeup application, Male talks with her clients about their wishes and preferences and lets them decide between natural or airbrush makeup so that they will end up feeling beautiful and confident. Throughout the session, Male gives tips and tricks for makeup application so that her clients are empowered to start and maintain their own beauty routines.


One of Male’s biggest beauty secrets that she wants to share with my readers? Her foolproof, two step beauty routine. It only takes about five minutes and is perfect for moms on the go. The first step is applying a CC Cream (color correcting moisturizer) and then layering a light powder on top. And if you have an extra minute or two? You can quickly dab on some blush, lip gloss, and a light coat of mascara.

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Male was able to recommend some great ways to take care of my skin now that I am getting older and I’m not getting as much sleep as I should (the curse of motherhood, eh?). By the end of our session, I not only felt beautiful, but also looked beautiful and ready for my full day of bridal showers, blogging events, and a much needed date night with my hubby.

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Now that wedding and prom season is on the horizon, Male is the perfect person to get you prepared for all of your events, either big or small. And since her rate is so affordable, she is someone you can have many sessions with throughout the year so that you are always putting your best face forward. Want to see some recent examples of Male’s work? Then be sure to check out her Facebook page and follow her Instagram account.

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Interested in learning more about Male and how she can help you inject some glamour into motherhood? Be sure to contact Male today! Male is offering my readers 20% off services using either AMANDA20 or BEAUTY20, so now there is no reason for you to not have impeccable makeup for your next event.

This post was sponsored by I Do Bridal Makeup. All opinions are my own.

Enjoy the pampering!


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  1. Erica Bodker says

    Male seems amazing and did an amazing job in the photos. I will definitely have to look into her and share her with the ones that I need some help. Although I’m not getting married I do have some friends that are. (I’ts about time)

  2. Heather lawrence says

    Simply stunning! All of those brides look gorgeous in their gowns. Makes me remember my wedding day almost 15 years ago. Sheesh time sure flies when your having fun! I wish I lived closer, my daughter will be married one day. (hopefully not too soon!)

  3. Dee says

    The I DO Bride Makeup did a great job on these beautiful Brides. This is a place I will have to check and let some of my soon to be Bride friends know.

    • Amanda says

      I love using it for all of my special events….especially when I want to look good as a simple wedding guest.

  4. Jamie says

    That’s so cool that Male wants to help mothers to feel beautiful! I don’t know about other moms, but I’ve definitely found that I have had much less confidence since having kids than I did beforehand. It’s a whole knew realm of life in a whole new body, and it takes a while (and some great tips like Male’s) to feel confident again!

  5. Jaclyn Anne says

    Male does amazing work, all of these brides look stunning! I think her company name is so clever and cute – “I Do Bridal Makeup” – I just love it! Thanks for letting us know about Male and her amazing work.

  6. Jamie says

    I have had my makeup done professionally one time, and that was or my sister’s wedding. I’d love to really sit down with someone who could teach me the right way to do some of the new things, like contouring and that winged eyeliner deal. I’ve always sucked at eyeliner! LOL

    • Amanda says

      Male taught me all about under eye concealer, which was wonderful since I most definitely don’t get enough sleep. Does any mom? I sure don’t think so.

  7. bridal makeup says

    Thank you for these tips! I never thought of that, eye shadow in this way … will give it a try. I’m a new makeup artist who’s looking to do more bridal so these tips are so timely! Bookmarked and I’ll definitely be re-reading this one 🙂

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