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As your Instagram feed will tell you, people eat with their eyes as much as with their mouths. Scrolling through my feed is one of my favorite things to do before planning a date night or lunch with the girls because when I go out for a meal, I want it to be a beautiful experience in more ways than one. So when I heard that Crate and Barrel opened their first restaurant at their gorgeous Oakbrook Terrace store, I knew I had to charge my phone battery (and to be honest, I brought my big camera, too!) to prepare. Here’s what to expect from the new and beautiful Table at Crate:

Stylish, Modern Décor

The stunning houseware that you have come to expect from Crate and Barrel is on full display at the Table at Crate. I must fully disclose that my husband has worked for Crate and Barrel since the day we met (for reference, we just celebrated our ten year wedding anniversary) so I might be a bit biased when I say that Crate and Barrel has the most stunning pieces but once you walk through the doors at The Table at Crate, I’m sure you will agree with me.

The Table at Crate is named after its handcrafted 13-foot maple table at the heart of the dining room. It truly brings people together, whether you are in a large group or sharing the table with “friends you have not yet met.” It is so hard to narrow down my favorite design element of the space, but the cobalt blue bar and wall of white Crate and Barrel dishes are top contenders.

Versatile Menu

Being attached to the Oakbrook Center Crate and Barrel shop location, The Table at Crate is the perfect spot to pop in for a pastry, cocktail, or a meal at just about any time of day. Chef Bill Kim leads the kitchen in creating delicious and beautiful dishes that live up to the Crate and Barrel standard.

Menu options include light bites, unique tartines and bowls, as well as main dishes featuring ingredients from local farms and artisans such as Three Sisters Garden and Publican Quality Breads. There is even a kids’ menu for your shopping companions with traditional options like a cheeseburger as well as more innovative pasta dishes.

Be sure to order something off the vast cocktail list (either with or without spirits) not just for the taste but for the Instagram snap. I mean, when edible flowers are used as garnish, how can you not take a photo?!?!

And did I mention that they will be holding afternoon tea soon? SWOON.

A Relaxed, Friendly Vibe

Whether you chose to relax on one of the two patios, in the lounge, at the bar, or in the restaurant, the vibe at the Table of Crate is the same: Relaxed and Friendly. While other gorgeous restaurants might have an air of stuffiness, The Table at Crate feels like you are being welcomed home with open arms to eat, drink, and be inspired.

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Bon Appetite!


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