The Shedd Aquarium

When you live in a city like Chicago, it is really fun to play tourist every once in a while.  And my favorite place to do that?  The Shedd Aquarium!


The reason why we love coming here so often is because of the gorgeous fish and animals that live in the historic and beautiful structure.  The juxtaposition of the marble architecture and colorful saltwater reefs and fish is truly stunning.


In addition to saltwater fish, the Shedd has exhibits dedicated to freshwater fish, local marine life, jellyfish (this one is my absolute favorite), stingrays, penguins, and creatures of the ocean–from seals to dolphins to whales–it is am amazing habitat to admire the animals in.


Organizers at the Shedd have done everything possible to allow kids to have a unique and close-up experience with all of the beautiful creatures throughout every exhibit, and they also created a Polar Play Zone for kids to engage in all kinds of learning, from pretending to be a penguin complete with costumes and slides to petting live starfish.  My boys absolutely love being in this area, and I enjoy the wonderful underwater views of the dolphins and belugas as I watch the boys play with other kids.


There are quite a few food options at the Shedd, but I think there is one that totally reigns supreme: Soundings Cafe’.  Here you can find delicious food (no boring kids meals of pizza here) and enjoy stunning views of Lake Michigan while your meal is brought to you.  It is very stroller friendly and a great way to eat healthy while out and about with your kiddos.


This brief synopsis doesn’t even begin to describe the fun that my family and I have had at the Shedd Aquarium…if you are ever in Chicago looking for something to do–with or without your kids–this is the place to go.  I guarantee that you will love it!


A Few Tips to Visiting with Kids

*Bring a stroller (even an umbrella one) since there is a TON of walking.  The entire museum is stroller accessible and you will be happy to have some extra storage.

*Use the side entrance if you use a stroller (look for the huge water fountain/statue of a tall man holding a fish).  Typically this line is MUCH shorter than the general line.

*Be on the lookout for FREE Days.  If you subscribe to my blog via email ( side bar), I will alert you whenever there are museum free days.  By showing a valid Illinois ID, you are allowed free general admission, which includes the amazing Caribbean Reef, Waters of the World, and Amazon Rising exhibits.  If you would like to see special seasonal exhibits like the Jelly exhibit or the dolphin show, these tickets are significantly discounted on these special days for Illinois residents, so even though they aren’t totally free, it is a GREAT deal for you and your family, especially since the aquarium can be kinda pricey.


*If you are an out of towner planning to visit our city’s AMAZING museums and attractions, I highly recommend getting a CityPASS that is valid for 9 days and gives you up to 50% discounted admission on great sites around Chicago (The Field Museum, Skydeck Chicago, Adler Planetarium, Art Institute of Chicago, John Hancock Observatory, and The Museum of Science and Industry are the main features included in the package) and lets you skip the line–and trust me, the lines can be VERY long when kids are out of school on summer and holiday breaks.

*Skip the dolphin show.  Unfortunately it tends to drag on a bit and it is difficult for many kids to sit through (there are lots of videos and there is also a dog in the show, which we find somewhat odd).  If you have a dolphin lover, you are better off seeing the dolphin show at the Brookfield Zoo.

*After visiting the Shedd, be sure to explore the outside grounds.  There are some gorgeous waterfalls and a few different path options to enjoy the most STUNNING views of the city.


Looking for other great aquariums on a smaller scale?  Check out The Living Sea and Petland Aquarium Adventure!

Enjoy the fishies!

-Amanda 🙂
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  1. dogear6 says

    I haven’t been to the Shedd Aquarium for years – I’d forgotten what a great place that is. I have been to the one in Atlanta though (my daughter stayed there after graduating from college) and it’s really cool too.

    What’s that gray thing your son is touching? It doesn’t look like a dolphin to me. . . it looks like some gray clay something.


  2. Mary Clare Evans says

    Amanda, your enthusiasm is infectious. You made me want to drive 6 hours to Chicago today just to see the Aquarium. It is obvious you have the spirit of adventure and your kids are blessed to have a mom like you. Thanks for your post.

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