The Holidays: Simplified


While driving home from a family dinner a few nights ago (and belting out the lyrics to my favorite songs without my kids telling me to stop singing–pure bliss!), I saw a strange glow coming from a house on my street.  It wasn’t orange, like many of the houses still decked out for Halloween….it was…red….and green.  November 1st, and one of my neighbors is already decked out for Christmas.  SERIOUSLY?!?  In typical American fashion, I feel like we are all constantly moving at warp speed to get the most out of each second of life when we should really just sloooooow down and take a breath.  But I must admit, my neighbor got me thinking about the holidays and I definitely stopped moving and grooving by the time I pulled the car into the garage.

halloween christmas

So, in an effort for me to be more “chilled out,” which is tricky for my Virgo personality, I am making a conscious effort to write about how we can all simplify the busy holiday season and actually enjoy it.  I’m not saying that I have many tips for dealing with crazy family members (maybe hide in the bathroom every time they come near?), but I do have some ideas on how to help your kids focus more on the fun and family aspect of the holidays, instead of the shiny new gifts, as well as some shortcuts on how to entertain like a pro when you are secretly feeling like a rookie.

Namaste and Happy Holidays,  friends!


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