Spring Break in Chicagoland on a Budget

So, let’s get honest for a second. It really sucks to scroll through your Facebook or Instagram feeds and see everyone out enjoying Spring Break on a beach while you are stuck in dreary Chicago over Spring Break. Maybe this is when someone will tell you to stop comparing yourself to other people on the […]

Whole Foods Healthy Kids

Whole Foods has really gotten smart.  Instead of just catering to adults, the popular grocery store is striving to be as family friendly as possible, hosting events and making changes to be as kid friendly as possible.  Whole Foods has truly become a healthy kid’s playground…read more to find out why! Spoiler alert: Whole Foods means […]

Bookstore Bliss

I must admit that once I heard the sad news that Borders was going out of business, my husband and I headed over to our nearest one (we were so lucky that it was mere minutes away) and perused the bookshelves with heavy hearts.  We LOVE bookstores.  Doesn’t matter if they are giant chains or […]