Spring Break in Chicagoland on a Budget

So, let’s get honest for a second. It really sucks to scroll through your Facebook or Instagram feeds and see everyone out enjoying Spring Break on a beach while you are stuck in dreary Chicago over Spring Break. Maybe this is when someone will tell you to stop comparing yourself to other people on the […]

Spring Break Chicagoland Staycation

Bummed that you are spending Spring Break in Chicagoland instead of heading out of town?  Don’t be.  We have the most amazing city in the world with endless opportunities for family fun (It’s like someone should write a blog about it or something…). Here are some Spring Break Chicagoland Staycation activities that are so awesome […]

Road Trips for Chicagoans

Hey there, Spring Breakers! It is already starting to feel like Springtime in Chicago—yes, that’s right, your thermometer isn’t broken—so it’s time to think about taking a last minute road trip. Where to? Read on to learn about my family’s favorite Midwestern destinations, all within 3 hours of Chicagoland. Wisconsin I have written previous posts […]