Celebrate the Chinese New Year in Chicagoland

Consider this your lucky red envelope of fantastic and free family friendly ways to celebrate the Chinese New Year in Chicagoland. And if your family is like mine and constantly sick during the winter, there are also some fun ways to celebrate the Lunar New Year from the comforts of home. I’m just hoping that […]

After School Classes in Chicago

Now that school is back in session, learning is in full swing in every nook and cranny of Chicago.  But here’s the thing…structured and engaging learning doesn’t have to end when the bell rings.  Encourage your child to be creative and challenged at these stellar after school classes in Chicago: FOR KIDS Power Up Tech […]

Party Planning 101

Remember when a preschool birthday party meant gathering in someone’s home to bat around a few balloons, streaking through the hallways like sugared-up cheetahs, and pausing just long enough to enjoy home-baked cake? We still think this sounds like a wonderfully age-appropriate celebration. Unfortunately, many city families just don’t have the space, and many of […]