Picnicking Spots & Meal Ideas

Are you trying to soak up the gorgeous weather before Chicago again becomes Chiberia?  Me too.  That’s why we are eating out (and no, I don’t mean going to restaurants—my wallet can only stretch so far) as often as possible.  I love serving meals as picnics because it puts an extra special spin on a […]

Train Lovers in Chicagoland

Chugga chugga choo choo!  It is quite the challenge to find a child who isn’t fascinated by trains of all sizes and kids.  I’m not sure what it is….the noise of the engine, the spiraling tracks….but trains are guaranteed to capture the attention of kids of all ages (and parents, too).  Here are some great […]

Evanston Lakefront

There’s just something about Evanston.  I’m not sure what it is exactly…the boutiques, cultural events, historic buildings, beautiful neighborhoods…there’s just too much to choose from.  But what my kids love about Evanston is simple: the lakefront.  Here are five things that you shouldn’t miss the next time you are at the Evanston lakefront. The Playground […]

Independence Grove

Looking for the best playground for families?  Then head out to Independence Grove in Libertyville for a day of fun, from hiking to picnicking and even swimming!  Luckily for Lake County residents, Independence Grove is FREE resource for families, but for others there is a simple $10 parking fee—well worth the fun that lies within […]

Village Green: A North Shore Gem

There’s a reason why John Hughes set many of his famous movies like “The Breakfast Club” and “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” in the northern Chicago suburb of Northbrook:  it’s simply awesome (and I’m not saying that just because it is my wonderful hubby’s hometown).  Northbrook is one of those beautiful places that truly personifies “The […]