Five Reasons Why All Chicago Families Should Take a Road Trip to Milwaukee

As wonderful as Chicago and its suburbs are, sometimes it’s great to just get away for a bit. But when you have small kids who don’t do well in the car, your options are pretty limited. That’s why I am reminding you that there is a gem of a city located right over the border…Milwaukee! […]

Family Friendly Tropical Trip Locations for Chicagoans

I’m here to encourage you to get away from the cold and grey Chicagoland skies and jet off to a fabulous vacation WITH kids in tow. Yes, that’s right, you can have an amazingly enjoyable and fun vacation with your kids. It’s not going to be the same as before they were born (I mean, […]

The Best Hotels for a Chicagoland Staycation

Sometimes you just need to get away, don’t you? To change up your routine and focus on play instead of responsibilities. But since many of us struggle with finding the time to take a break from life, I want to remind you of the most wonderful way to take a break: a staycation. And living […]