The Best Picture Books to Inspire Creative Thinkers

Stay in single file line. Keep your hands to yourself. No talking.  Life can be a bit boring sometimes when you’re a little kid. We adults impose so many rules that sometimes we forget to encourage them to showcase their unique personalities. So that’s when I pull out my favorite resource for connecting with kids: […]

whirlykidde Custom Clothing

Each person has their own story to tell—the highs, the lows and everything in between. And if you ask me, kids are the absolute b e s t at telling stories and sharing their experiences with everyone they meet. The talented artist and designer behind whirlykidde, Heather Thornton, promotes the joy and power of storytelling […]

Nili Yellin–The StoryBook Mom

For the past few months I have been suggesting some amazing pictures books for your little ones to promote the love of reading, but today I am focusing on Chicago’s celebrity reader, Nili Yellin, The StoryBook Mom. But as a Reading Specialist, I know that putting a book in your little ones’ hands will only […]

Bookstore Bliss

I must admit that once I heard the sad news that Borders was going out of business, my husband and I headed over to our nearest one (we were so lucky that it was mere minutes away) and perused the bookshelves with heavy hearts.  We LOVE bookstores.  Doesn’t matter if they are giant chains or […]