How to Support a New Mom

Have you ever wondered why I started this blog? Well, I was the first of my friends to have a baby and the only one in our group who lived in the burbs and didn’t go back to work full time after our baby was born. To say that my first year of motherhood was isolated would truly be the understatement of a lifetime.  When I started writing about my journey as a mom in Chicagoland, not only did I find my voice, but I also found a squad of supportive and encouraging moms in Chicago and beyond. I’m so grateful for this outlet, but know that blogging isn’t for everyone. So how can you support a new mom so she doesn’t feel as isolated as I did? Through these simple actions.

I received complimentary products from OhBases. All opinions are my own.


Reach Out Often

Yes, I know it can be hard to connect with someone who is starting out on her journey of motherhood when you aren’t even a mom yourself, so rely on what made you two friends in the first place. Yes, your friend has changed since becoming a mom, but she is still the same person. So don’t be afraid to text her about the newest Real Housewives of New York gossip or simply check in to see how she is doing and request a new baby photo. Your friend might take a while to respond (I mean, when the baby naps, YOU NAP) but she will feel so loved to see your message waiting for her.


Bring Food

One of the most important rules of visiting a new mom. Don’t visit if you are sick (duh) and don’t visit without a meal. It can simply be a Starbucks latte or a gift card to Giordano’s, but whatever route you take, show up with some type of food. You see, everything takes so much longer when you are juggling a newborn and a post partum body, so if someone can swoop in and bring you delicious nourishment, you will never EVER forget it (I’m talking about that delicious raspberry banana bread, Miss T).


If you want to go the homemade route (bless your heart), here are some great slow cooker and heartwarming meals that reheat well and are filled with all of the healthy nourishment that new moms need. Bonus points if you bring one warm meal and one frozen one to help your sleep deprived friend stock her freezer.


Encourage Some Self Care

Does your friend still look pregnant even after her baby is two months old? Keep that comment to yourself. Honestly, keep any comment about her body to yourself. Ignore the dark under eye circles and don’t ask about the last time she took a shower. You see, a woman’s body not only grows a human, but it also creates a drastic change in hormones that can make her post partum body seem foreign to her. I’m not going to lie, the adjustment period can be pretty rough.


If you are looking for something specific to help your friend indulge in some much needed self care, I highly recommend OhBases products. The OhBases brand makes effective and unpretentious products for the entire family. Their skin care products not only moisturize skin after all of the dishes and washing that new parents have to do, but also soothe ailments such as diaper rash and provide newborn skin with the natural and safe nourishment that it needs. Their soothing botanical based lotions and creams also help moms who are nursing, one of the most physically demanding roles a mom may choose to take on. You can check out all of their mom friendly products here.

Be Encouraging

Babies come with a TON of things, but not with an instructional manual. No matter how many books you read or what type of instincts kick in, every single mom doubts herself. How can you help to make sure that doesn’t lead to disaster? By being as encouraging as possible. Sometimes it simply involves listening, other times it might involve babysitting so she can get a break…or it can be something as powerful as “You are doing a great job” or “Your baby is so lucky to have you as a mom.” Those comments might seem like nothing to you, but I guarantee that they will mean EVERYTHING to her. And if worst comes to worst, put her in a time out. She won’t be mad. Promise.

For other resources for moms, check out this page.

Rock on, moms!
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  1. Kelly Reci says

    I couldn’t love this post more! Supporting new moms is vital for their mental health and well-being. I think reaching out to a new mom is so key in making sure that they know they’re not alone in any of what they’re going through.

  2. Jeanette says

    When I had my baby I did feel a little isolated. We lived way outside the city and nobody really wanted to come up to see me. I love the idea of supporting a new mother so they do not feel alone and they can show off their baby to someone also (which we all want to do!)

  3. Jeanine says

    Love these tips! So true. We are about to welcome #8 on the weekend and would love someone to consider any of these for us! So helpful.

  4. Karen Morse says

    I love that you’re sharing these tips. New moms need all the support and help that they can get and sometimes they don’t ask for it. It would be nice to do these things for them.

  5. Heather says

    I felt that way for sure with a new baby and really it wasn’t until my second baby was 8 months old that I found a wonderful group of mom friends at a playgroup. Since then, I’ve moved, so its back to square one with making friends.

  6. brianne says

    Oh I love this so much! New moms need the most support they can get. I remember being completely in the dark when my son came along and so thankful to my friends that offered tips!

  7. Sandy N Vyjay says

    I think this is such an enlightening post. It is sometimes difficult to understand what a new mom goes through, especially by people who have not been there. This is invaluable especially for them.

  8. Natalie says

    Wow I love the sound and look of this brand’s skincare products! I am glad you were able to find a supportive community of mothers through joining the blogosphere.

  9. Laura says

    Yes! Definitely come for a visit with food!! Something that doesn’t sound like a big deal is such a huge help when you have a newborn. Great tips.

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