Your Summer Drink: The Twig ‘n Berry Cocktail

It’s officially summer in Chicago and I couldn’t be happier. The days are longer and spent outside soaking up the sun, splashing in the water, and my personal favorite….dining al fresco. And if you ask me, there is nothing that makes dinner more special than lighting a few candles, playing some music, and eating under the stars. Does this sound like heaven to you to? Then let me tell you about the one thing that will put the metaphorical cherry on top of your summer dinner sundaes….my favorite summer drink: the Twig ‘n Berry Cocktail.

Twig n Berry Cocktail -

Yes, that’s right, I named a drink after my blog. Why? Because if you ask me, a cocktail gets elevated to being Instagram worthy when you add beautiful and delicious garnishes to it…and that is how the Twig ‘n Berry cocktail was born!

So without any further ado, here is the recipe for my light and refreshing Twig ‘n Berry cocktail:

One part vodka

One part orange or tangerine juice

One shot of sparkling water

½ shot of simple syrup


Mix together all ingredients in a martini shaker if you are only making one or two cocktails, or mix in a pitcher. Once chilled, garnish with a strawberry (they are in season right now) and a sprig of thyme. Why thyme instead of the other herbs growing in your garden? It stands up well to the acidity of the juice and it provides a great flavor combination with the strawberry. Don’t have thyme? Rosemary or mint is a great substitute.

Here’s to hoping you enjoy many delicious meals and yummy cocktails with the fireflies this summer! Oh, and don’t forget to much on some delish dishes while enjoying your cocktail….these easy appetizers are my absolute f a v o r i t e.


Looking for other drink recipes? Check out my sangria, herbed ice cubes recipes, or some tongue in cheek humor about why I drink as a mom.


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  1. Robin Masshole Mommy says

    I don’t drink, but it sounds like I could make a virgin version of this if I just eliminate the vodka. I will try one this weekend 🙂

  2. Pam says

    I don’t think I have ever had a cocktail with thyme in it. I certainly have plenty of it growing in my herb patch.

  3. Melissa Williams says

    I could definitely go for a virgin version of this for now, save the vodka for when I really need it after the baby is born 🙂 Looks really refreshing and has all my favorite ingredients! Will definitely give this a try.

    • Amanda says

      Hopefully the virgin version will help you beat the heat….I hated being pregnant in the summer…too humid!

  4. Mitch says

    I love or creativity! Why shouldn’t you name a drink after yourself! I am allergic to vodka bt would love to try this al fresco sans alcohol! Thanks

  5. Heather Pfingsten says

    This sounds absolutely delightful and refreshing … especially on a hot summer night. The weekend is coming and this will be the perfect addition when we grill out this Saturday. Cheers, can’t wait to try it!

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