How to Step Up Your Chicago Sports Style

Blackhawks, Cubs and Bears, oh my! We are currently at the pinnacle of Chicago sports and it’s time for us moms to get in on the action. No, I’m not talking about bending over backwards to throw amazing parties…I’m talking about treating ourselves to some cute apparel. Whether you  are in the stands or comfy on the couch cheering on our Chicago squads, here are some of my favorite Chicago Sports Gear for Moms:

Now first off, let me remind you…you are shopping for YOURSELF. Yes, I know that there are endless adorable outfits for your little ones from talented crafters like Tori’s Bitty Bows,  Blue-J Cottage, and So Silly (Can we talk about the t-shirts you can color?!?! SWOON.), but let’s focus on YOU for a change, eh?

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My Top Blackhawks Picks

Back in the day when I would go to the Chicago Stadium for Hawks games, people dressed very casually and just about everyone donned a jersey. But now that the Hawks have created a dynasty, it seems as though fans have emerged from just about EVERYWHERE (heeey, bandwagon!) and they have most definitely elevated their style game…and so should you! Want to stand out from the crowd? Then check out the unique wearable art from the talented Monica Zanetti Designs. Looking for something more traditional? Then head over to the NHL shop. Just one tip…don’t get a personalized jersey. EVER. My favorite Hawks gear? This cozy pullover hoodie, lace up t-shirt, and scarf.


My Top Cubs Picks

Everywhere you look, people are donning their Cubbie blue and still riding high from our World Series win. I mean, I know I will be talking about what I was doing during Game 7 for as long as I live…and I know I’m not the only one. So whether you go with a classic Cubs tee or rock a shirt honoring KB or Rizzo, the MLB shop has everything you could ever imagine. I personally love being able to layer my Cubs apparel with items such as this thermal pullover, in addition to this team jersey and track jacket. And don’t forget to pick up some World Series swag while you’re at it…hopefully we won’t have to wait 100 years for the next one!


My Top Bears Picks

If you are lucky enough to score tickets to Soldier Field you will be dressed in multiple layers so you don’t freeze to death, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t scoop up some cute Bears items that are worth a few goosebumps. Some of my favorite pieces include this varsity long t-shirt, comfy pants, and raglan hoodie.


My Top Bulls Picks

I must admit that I haven’t been a strong supporter of the Bulls since the Jordan days (I mean, will they ever repeat that kind of dynasty?) but that doesn’t mean that I can’t dress the part. The NBA store has a ton of red, black and white apparel, including these Bulls themed Converse high tops, off the shoulder tee, and long sleeve tee and tank set.


Now the REAL challenge is figuring out what to wear when all of these teams are playing on one day…I had the Cubs-Hawks-Bears trifecta going on yesterday and at least two of them won!


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  1. candy says

    I live in Illinois and watch all the different leagues play their various sports. Some people really get into wearing their favorite team shirt and hats.

    • Amanda says

      I think it’s fun to wear your sports pride and get together with other fans to eat, drink, and enjoy a good game.

  2. Tomi C says

    These are some really stylish pics. I would so rock those Bulls themed Converse high tops. Chicago has all the major league sports covered and these are some stylish ideas for each of them.

  3. Jeanette says

    I have a few friends that came from Chicago and the where almost all Chicago stuff. Chicago Bears in the winter the Cubs in the summer in the Blackhawks too. I can see how dedicated those fans are to their sports teams.

  4. Cheryl says

    It’s so funny how I was really into sports when I was in high school and college, but now not so much. I’ve moved around too much as an adult I’d have to be a Tigers, Cubs, Yankees and Nationals fan.

  5. Our Family World says

    I love hoodies and my top picks would be the Chicago Bears zip up hoodie jacket. I like the hoodie with the Blackhawks design too. So cool!

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