STEM Inspired Learning at the DuPage Children’s Museum

Are you a bit burned out by play spaces? Then help your child take exploration up a notch by engaging in STEM inspired play at the DuPage Children’s Museum. It is one of the only places I have found that addresses all elements of STEM learning in a fun way for even the littlest of learners. Here are our favorite STEM inspired elements:


Build It
Within this construction focused exhibit, kids actually become carpenters and are given all of the tools to create whatever they want out of wood and nails. All kids will focus on hand eye coordination, concentration, creativity…the list goes on and on.


Make It Move
Physics comes alive in this interactive exhibit. Kids can learn all about gravity, trajectory, balance, velocity and everything else that comes along with engineering.

Little explorers learn how they can control and manipulate water through water based play. Kids can discover how to use different and unique tools to create something, whether it is a massive bubble, slowly trickling river, etc.

Math Connections
Math truly is everywhere and related to everything we do, as kids will discover in this exhibit through pattern, sorting and other types of hands on activities.


Creativity Connections
An entire portion of the museum is set up to encourage artistic discovery, from the Art Studio to the countless tables set up with activities that challenge the mind to connect texture, light, sound, shape, etc. The interactive light displays are so cool it will be hard for parents to not engage and learn right along side their kids.

As a former teacher I know that it can be a challenge to provide STEM based learning opportunities for my kids when I have a million other things on my plate…that’s why I am so glad that a place like the DuPage Children’s Museum exists. We can focus on just one area during a visit or we can spend the entire day learning and discovering together. As a member of the Kohl Children’s Museum, I receive reciprocal admission to the DuPage Children’s Museum, so definitely keep that in mind when contemplating different levels of membership (and when family and friends ask for holiday and birthday gift ideas!).


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Happy Learning!


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  1. Alli Smith says

    I’m all for kids actually learning while they play and STEM-inspired play is a great option for kids. There’s a place near me that offers this too and my grandkids love visiting and discovering that Math can be fun.

  2. Katie Kinsley says

    What a great place to take kids! I remember going to the Milwaukee Public Museum and it had a Discovery World (or something similar) within it. I always thought it was cool and fun the different activities to participate in!

  3. candy says

    This would be something fun to do during the winter months. Learning and having fun is always a plus. Looks like a great museum to visit for the whole family.

  4. Pam Wattenbarger says

    I used to take my kids to museums like this quite a lot. Our favorite was the McWayne Center in Birmingham Alabama. I wish we had been near the Dupage Children’s Museum at some point in our travels so we could have visited.

  5. Annemarie LeBlanc says

    I wish they had this when I was a kid! Maybe then I would not have grown up scared of Math. LOL. Anyway, I love this new STEM learning. I am happy my grandchildren will be able to learn a whole lot more. I will have to check if they have anything like this in my area.

  6. Rebecca Swenor says

    The DuPage Children’s Museum sounds like a great place to bring the children. I believe that children’s museums are and amazing place that kids can learn while have fun too. It really is awesome that they use the STEM inspired learning which all children I believe need. Thanks for sharing the experience.

  7. adriana says

    This looks like such a fun time for the little ones! I love that there’s so much learning going on while they have fun. It looks like it makes for a great day!

  8. Natasha says

    We just joined the Kohl Children’s Museum and were excited to see the reciprocal arrangement with the DuPage Children’s Museum and Wonderware in Oak Park. We’ll definitely check out the DuPage. Thanks for the information.

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