Spring Cleaning for Moms

Looking at the calendar (not at the weather, because clearly Mother Nature is VERY upset with us over the behavior of the human race lately), Spring is here. And for most moms, that means that we should now feel pressured to get rid of all of the clutter in our homes and commit to a Joanna Gaines-like refresh from top to bottom. But you know what? I have a better idea. How about you commit to a Spring refresh that will actually bring you joy instead of pressure and stress? I’m talking about getting rid of the things that bring us moms down so that we can be our best selves and have the best Spring imaginable. Let’s make “Spring Cleaning for Moms” a thing. What’s got to go?

Your pre-baby clothes that hang in your closet and mock you because you can’t fit into them anymore.I mean, your body grew a human being. It changed. And so should the style of pants that you wear if that’s what will make you feel confident and beautiful. And if you didn’t carry your own child, that doesn’t mean that you haven’t been forced to sacrifice sleep and meals while taking care of your precious little one. So invest in clothing that is comfortable and flattering to your mom bod, extra pounds and all.


The people on social media that make you feel jealous, guilty, and just plain sad.Who am I talking about exactly? Ex boyfriends, people you went to college or high school with, the president of the PTA who always seems to have her sh*t together…anyone, really. Constantly comparing your behind the scenes to their highlights will undoubtedly make you miserable. So unfriend, unfollow…do whatever you have to do in order to regain your sanity and confidence.

Crappy coffee.Because c’mon, everyone knows that moms run on coffee. So splurge on the good stuff. You deserve it.


The guilt about hiring good help.Did you hear about the recent New York Times articlethat found that one of the best ways to be happy is by hiring a cleaning service and ordering takeout? It’s so true. Spending money on tasks that you simply don’t want to do is one of the best ways to relieve stress and give yourself time to do whatever it is that you truly WANT to do.


Being afraid to be “in the picture.”Moms are typically the photo takers, right? They will snap away all day when out and about with their kids, but if a stranger asks if they want to be in the photo, moms typically shy away because they aren’t looking their best/haven’t showered that day/are still hanging onto extra baby pounds. But you know what? You will regret not being in the photos. Decades from now your kids will be looking through photos (I mean, that is if you ever get around to printing them) and I guarantee that they won’t care about how your hair or outfit looked in the photo. They will instead simply cherish having photographic mementos of your time together.


All of those adorable baby clothes, books, toys, artwork, etc. that are cluttering up your home.Can’t let go of items that bring you so much joy and great memories? Then have a quilt made out of favorite old clothes, make a photo book of favorite artwork, and limit yourself to one storage container worth of baby clothes and donate the rest so that more moms and babies will have their own great memories with your beloved items.

Now I don’t know about you, but THAT is my type of Spring cleaning. For other mom hacks and tips, check out this collection of resources.


Happy Spring!
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  1. Ashley says

    I started my Spring cleaning even though Spring is hiding from us lol. Spring cleaning my social media was time consuming but worth it. Less drama.

  2. Doria says

    I’m totally guilty of not wanting to be in pictures! That actually started back when I was very young and since I’m also a hobby photographer it’s only gotten worse… Hard to change that habit!

  3. Emily says

    I love all of this so much! We need to cut ourselves some slack, being a Mom is a tough job but can have such big rewards! I force my husband to snap pictures of the kids and I, just so there is proof that I am there too. 🙂

  4. Adrienne says

    Omg, hiring a cleaning professional changed my life! We have someone that comes twice a month and I feel like she’s added years back to my life and I feel so much more relaxed. I now get to spend more time doing what I love and less time focused on making sure everything is super clean everyday. I completely agree that hiring good help is essential!

  5. Myriah Mae says

    I love this post! I have a HUGE bag of my HUGE clothes that were tight 50 lbs ago…I am still losing too…but I have been holding onto my fat clothes just in case! CRAZY RIGHT?!?!?! I should be celebrating and burning those big pants!! But I have been acting in fear holding them because of the what ifs….well I am not going to hold onto them anymore…I decided to donate them and make room for goal jeans and cute clothes that I am now fitting into!

    • Amanda says

      I’m glad I’m not the only one who had a bag of clothes waiting to be donated. Isn’t it so freeing to get rid of it?!?!

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