Spooky Houses and Decor in Chicagoland

It’s the s p o o k i e s t time of year!  And one of my favorite ways to get in the Halloween spirit (other than watching my buddy Charlie Brown get shunned trick or treating with his friends) is to drive around and look at the AMAZING Halloween displays in the area.  Here are NINE spooky houses and décor that you just can’t miss!


NOTE:  Since I grew up in the Northwest Suburbs, I know many of the scariest spots in that area. If you have others to add from elsewhere in Chicagoland, please comment below so I can check them out and add them to the list! Also, even though this article has a 2015 publish date, I constantly update it!


Northwest Burbs


Super Scary with lights, sounds, and movement (the girl on the swing haunts my dreams, I swear).  Good for visiting during the day for those who are more timid…definitely extra spooky at night.  1784 Everett Avenue, Des Plaines.

Scary Forrest Frights is the hit of our neighborhood…and much of Chicagoland. No matter what scares you (clowns, gore, monsters, etc.), this house has it all! 1119 North Forrest Avenue, Arlington Heights.


The light show to end all light shows.  This house takes holiday lights to an entirely new level, so be sure to visit once the sun goes down. Bell Plaine and Engel in Park Ridge.


Ahoy, mateys!  This gorgeous house always reminded me of a light house every time I drove by.  That served as inspiration for their awesome pirate ship Halloween display. A little tricky to find, it is on Sibley overlooking the boulevard street. Put the intersection of Sibley and Ashland in Park Ridge into your GPS and you will find it.  Perfect for a day or night visit.


The graveyard. This corner house was my favorite house to visit as a kid.  They park a hearse outside on Halloween, have smoke and sound effects, and even serve their candy out of a coffin. Located where Manor Lane turns into Western Avenue, adjacent to North Park in Park Ridge.


North Shore


Wilmette’s gorgeous houses get all decked out for Halloween.  The most popular stretch is on Lawndale Street, with the highlight at 208 Lawndale Street in Wilmette.


There are tons of decorated houses and inflatables within the Charlemagne subdivision in Northbrook. Our favorite is on Charlemagne Drive…perfect for a visit any time of day…and watch out for the moving spider!


Southern & Western Burbs

The Thomas Halloween House at 1127 Conan Doyle Drive in Naperville is the talk of the town year after year.  Just check out this video and you will know why. But after some disgruntled neighbors got sick and tired of all of the traffic the admirers provided (who donated oover $6,500 to Gigi’s Playhouse) and got an ordinance passed to make the house go dark this year.  However, there is a petition circling and an impending board meeting to see if Thomas can light up his house again, a Naperville tradition that impresses Halloween lovers all over the world.


Looking for a free haunted house?  Then look no further than the free and ghoulishly decorated Moe’s Graveyard.  Real actors roam the yard and house at 6961 West 156th place in Oak Forest.  Be sure to visit between dusk and 10 p.m. until Halloween when there are nightly performances.  Check out this cool video review from The Horror Tourers


Looking for other Fall fun, including crafts, activities, and more?  Then check this out!


Happy Halloween!


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  1. Robin (Masshole Mommy) says

    I love how some people go all out for Halloween. We are the Halloween capitol of the US because we have Salem and practically every house there is all done up in October.

  2. Melinda Dunne says

    Oh my gosh I love Halloween! My husband and I always decorate our yard, we had to get more kid friendly now that we have our grandchildren.

    • amandasimkin says

      I keep reading all of these articles about people fighting about Halloween decor…some feeling it was too scary for kids. It has become very serious business when the real intent should be to just enjoy and have fun!

    • amandasimkin says

      I just wonder how long it takes them to put up these elaborate displays…and even worse, to take them down!

  3. Elizabeth O. says

    They really take their decorations seriously, I love it. So much Halloween spirit! Those are really awesome, it would be a waste not to visit and see.

  4. Bri says

    Since we do not decorate our house for Halloween (it is just to much work), we like to drive around the neighborhood to see what other houses have come up with. it is really fun.

  5. Geo says

    The house at 1784. Evertt avenue in Des plaines, is truly awsome, def worth the drive, you have to get out and look all around and up & down the house to see everything..and the owner is very nice also..

  6. Terri Beavers says

    I’m so envious of everyone’s Halloween activities in their areas. We don’t have anything around here. I guess I need to plan to travel to Chicagoland next year so the kids can get in on all of the spooky house fun. They’s love those decorations too (me too, me too).

  7. Jelli says

    Had to giggle at the Dead and Breakfast sign- clever! I’m not one for spooky Halloweeny things, but I’m sure these houses and lawns sure entertain passing vehicles!

    • amandasimkin says

      I thought it was creative too. And their display is so classy without any gore, which I prefer. Halloween can be a little too spooky for me!

  8. Heather says

    Oh how fun!! We’ve got some pretty neat houses in our neighborhood. When I was growing up I don’t remember it being such a thing to decorate for Halloween, now its as big of a thing as Christmas is. I think its kinda fun, but don’t like when things get a bit too graphic for my small kiddos.

    • amandasimkin says

      My poor dog gets totally freaked out every time we go on a walk…I think she prefers the Christmas lights.

  9. Chantal says

    This is such an awesome post! I always love seeing people’s creativity when it comes to decorating for the holidays! Hopefully we can see something similar to this post closer to Christmas too!

  10. CourtneyLynne says

    Oooo so many awesome decorations!! Where I live in NY no one decorates and it’s so sad. Where I lived in FL… Omg total awesomeness just like your Chicago pics!

  11. Charity says

    This is such an great post! This gave me (and my hubby) some great ideas for this year. Thanks again and hope to see a similar post around the Christmas season as well.

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