Sources for Finding the Best Childcare in Chicagoland

Sources for Finding the Best Childcare in Chicagoland -

It is so incredibly hard to find someone who is the perfect fit to care for your child while you are at work or getting a much needed break from parenting. So what should you do if you are looking for child care in Chicagoland? Talk to moms. More specifically, the moms behind these top three sources for finding the best childcare in Chicagoland.

Kayme Pumphrey, K Grace Childcare

Kayme started K Grace Childcare along with her late husband Bryan right out of college. Having babysat themselves as DePaul University students, they had built strong relationships with families before officially starting K Grace Childcare. K Grace Childcare has been serving over a thousand happy Chicagoland families for over 13 years, easing parents’ minds by connecting them with sitters who are rigorously screened, trained, and trustworthy. K Grace Childcare is the perfect resource for you if you are looking for someone to relieve you for a much needed date night, or to set up a more consistent babysitting schedule. Need a last minute sitter? K Grace Childcare is the answer.


Sarah Davis, Olive You Nanny Agency

Olive You Nanny Agency can be described as a matchmaking service for families and nannies. Sarah’s team puts together questionnaires, conducts interviews, and uses gathered information to perfectly match families with nannies. Every employee of Olive You Nanny has been a nanny at some point, so they know exactly what needs to exist in order to create a long, positive relationship between nannies and families. Olive You Nanny Agency can find you the perfect person to join your family, ranging from a live in full time nanny to a nanny for the summer months.


Mo Zhou, Daycare Discover

Choosing a daycare can be totally and utterly overwhelming. Location, prices, guidelines…it’s enough to make your eyes cross. Mo felt the same way while researching day care options for her family and that is how Daycare Discover was born. Using the FREE website and app, parents can take virtual tours of day care facilities and search a database of licensed day care centers in Illinois to ensure that picking a day care doesn’t become a job in and of itself. There is also a paid concierge service to receive assistance in matching you with the best day care facility option for your family based on tours, feedback, etc.


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Hope these moms help you rest a bit easier knowing that your family is well taken care of!



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  1. Jacqui says

    The hardest decision for parents, I think, is finding trustworthy care for the kids. I think it’s awesome that you’re setting up a list to help make it less worrisome.

  2. Rebecca Swenor says

    This sounds like a great service indeed for the best childcare in Chicagoland. It is so important to choice the right daycare and this service would do that for you which better insures your child’s care. My nephew at 3 mths old was abused by his daycare provider and my sister did her research but nothing showed up. This monster broke his leg in half near the thigh bone.and had abused another child. She was never prosecuted in either case because of lack of evidence with witnesses under age 3. I believe the DA in MN was acting lazy but anyway. This service would be the way to go with the screening, etc that they do.

    • Amanda says

      I’m so sorry to hear about what happened to your nephew. What a horrific situation. I hope that your family is healing after such a scary incident.

  3. Adrienne says

    This is a great reference for those in Chicago. My mom own’s a private preschool, so I know the importance of finding great child care for your little ones!

  4. Lisa Rios says

    I agree, finding a perfect childcare is not that easy & these are some great tips that could help everyone. This is going to be so helpful for someone living around Chicago.

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