Remote Learning Letter Board Ideas

As I’ve shared on my Instagram account, my anxiety has been THROUGH THE ROOF as time has ticked down to the first day of school. And even though my boys have been blessed with terrific teachers this year, they are nervous and weary, too. So to put a positive spin on remote learning, we brainstormed some creative Remote Learning Letter Board Ideas. Hope these inspire your first day of school photos or simply provide an upbeat mantra ideas for your family’s learning area.

Remote Learning Letter Board Ideas - We Can Do Hard Things

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Best Letter Board Supplies

Before we get to our Remote Learning Letter Board Ideas, let’s talk about what kind of supplies you need for fun and creative letter boards. I highly recommend the products from Letterfolk, a small business that manufactures beautiful modern goods. But if you are looking for boards that are a bit more unique or letters that showcase your family’s wild personality, I also recommend some of these great options:

Remote Learning Letter Board Ideas -  Letter Boards and Supplies

Letter Boards

Double Sided Round 12 inch Letter Board

Large Letter Board Easel in White or Black

Blush Pink Square Letter Board

Wood Grain Letter Board

Double Sided Hexagon 12 inch Letter Board

White Framed Square Felt Board

16 x 20 Green Felt Letter Board

Rustic Square Letter Board

Letter Board Accessories

Pink Felt Letter Board with Letters, Numbers & Emojis

White Plastic Set of Letters

“Happy” Letter Board Words Set

Gold & Silver Plastic Letter Set

Teal and Coral Letter Set

Wooden Letter Set

“Be Brave” Word Set

“Design Letters” White Letter Set

Gold Ombre Word Set

Remote Learning Letter Board Ideas

As I have mentioned before, remote learning wasn’t a positive experience for my family so we have a LOT of nervousness and apprehension for this year. You too? Then I highly recommend getting creative with your family letter board. It is a great way to think of a challenging situation differently, and both you and your kids will enjoy expressing yourselves in a unique way. Here’s are the Remote Learning Letter Board Ideas that my boys and I came up with:

Remote Learning Letter Board Ideas -  Internet

“Comfy Chair, Strong Internet, Can’t Lose”

We love Friday Night lights and use its most popular catch-phrase often, and this board is a fun twist on it.

“We Can Do Hard Things”

This Letter Board display was my idea, mainly because I needed to remember that even though parenting, teaching, and working all at once is going to be incredibly difficult, we can do hard things.

Remote Learning Letter Board Ideas -  Pajamas

“Best School Uniform”

While my boys desperately want to go back to school, the one thing that they do enjoy about remote learning is the school uniform. I mean, with everything else that I have going on, I’m not going to complain that they stay in their pajamas for the school day–and Hanna Andersson has the BEST ones.

Remote Learning Letter Board Ideas -  Masks

“Clean Hands, Mask On, Can’t Lose”

This is the board that we are STRIVING for. We can’t wait for our boys to be able to go safely back to school, whether it is through a hybrid model or just a typical school day. Fingers crossed it can happen in 2020!

Looking for other fun Back to School Letter Board Ideas? Then check out this fun collection we came up with last year. Which of the Remote Learning Letter Board ideas is YOUR favorite?

Here’s to a great school year for EVERYONE!


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