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Being a mom is rough. You spend so much time and energy worrying about your adorable kiddos that you hardly take any time to yourself.  I mean, hiding in the bathroom to eat a fun size candy bar left over from Halloween only spares you about 45 seconds (or maybe that’s just the case in my household)…and it’s so NOT enough. So I am here to show you that there are so many small yet effective ways to become more “zen” in the everyday.  These relaxation tips are pretty effortless and they will undoubtedly add some Namaste into your day.

Relaxation Tips and Giveaway -

This post is sponsored by Aroma Sense. I received a free sample of the product for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own.

Adult Coloring

If you have missed this new adult coloring phase, I want to tell you two things: (1) You need to change the channel from Disney Junior and (2) break out of the house and head to bookstores such as the Book Bin or the adorable boutique One Strange Bird and browse the absolutely beautiful coloring books that are out there for adults.  My personal favorite is Johanna Basford’s collections…and don’t forget to pick up some fancy markers or coloring pencils for “Mommy’s Use Only.”  I love coloring alongside my boys—so cathartic and a nice (and quiet) way to bond with my boys.


Fitting in a workout seems to be a source of stress for so many people when it really doesn’t have to be.  Lace up your shoes and find a way to get your heart rate up, whether it is taking the dog on a brisk walk, having a dance party with your kids (that is, until they are old enough to criticize your moves), or even committing to an actual workout program.  Looking for some tested workout options that work for busy moms like me?  Read these accounts.


Comparison truly is the thief of joy.  That’s why we all really need to unplug and focus on the real, unfiltered “now” that is life. Some ways to help yourself kick your social media obsession?  Wear a watch to keep track of the time instead of using your phone, set an alarm to allow yourself time to be active on social media, keep digital devices in a separate room from where you are trying to relax (especially the bedroom), and delete tempting apps like Facebook and Instagram if you find yourself checking them too often.  But none of that applies to my blog—you should be reading that nonstop. Obviously. 😉


Take a mental break from reality and join someone else’s world through reading.  No matter what genre you prefer, there are oh so many ways to immerse yourself in a tantalizing story and take a break from whatever is weighing down your mind.  Need some book recommendations?  Here you go.


Ok moms, admit it.  Are you able to shower every single day?  I’m not ashamed to say that I am not—especially when my boys are sick or my husband is out of town for work.  I just don’t have the energy to shower when I know I will be interrupted constantly.  That is, until I installed my Aroma Sense Opus Luxury Showerhead.  Let me tell you, this is a shower game changer.

aroma sense showerhead

What makes the Aroma Sense Opus Luxury Showerhead so special?  It combines aromatherapy along with raised water pressure so you are getting a natural scented massage every time you step into the shower. The showerhead gives off a light and pleasing scent thanks to natural lemon oil through the Vitamin C cartridge. The microfiber filter ensures that no contaminants, rust, or floating particles are released through the shower head, so you are left with a clean and refreshing shower experience that helps “wake up” even the most tired of parents.

aroma sense parts

Another reason why I love the Aroma Sense Opus?  Because it has reduced our water bill in the short time that we have been using it.  This ingenious showerhead somehow manages to reduce water consumption yet improve water pressure quality.  How?  I’m not sure if it is the O-ring, microfabric filter or what–all I know is that it helps our family be more eco friendly and make me not feel so guilty about spending an extra minute or two in the shower to escape reality.  Do you want to know about the installation reality?  It was easy peasy.  So easy that I could have done it myself—but I had my husband do it and I didn’t even have to bark orders at him like I tend to do during home improvement projects.

I must admit that I feel like I am escaping to a spa every time I use the Aroma Sense Opus–or at least to one of the luxury hotels that utilize them, such as the Ritz-Carlton, Four Seasons, and more. Do you want to feel like you are at a luxury hotel every time you step into the shower?  Then this giveaway is for you!  Simply comment with your FAVORITE WAY TO RELAX on this blog post before 1/11/16 at 10 p.m. CST to be entered to win a free Aroma Sense Opus Luxury Showerhead.


Looking for other tips just for moms?  Check this page out.

Good luck and happy relaxing!
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  1. Lori Vann says

    My favorite way to relax is reading in the bathtub! I try to do it once or twice a week when scheduling & kids allow. Granted, I tend to shave my legs too while I’m in there some nights – but laying there in a steaming bath (sometimes with bubbles) is a great way to relax!

  2. Christen says

    I’m a big fan of just zoning out for a half hour or so. So whether it’s closing my eyes (napping or just resting) or just watching some TV, that helps me to re-energize quickly before I have to go back to the stresses of daily life!

  3. Tracy says

    Great article! And perfect timing after the holidays to take some time out for Mama. I def enjoy curling up with a glass of wine and snuggling with Miss Derby to unwind! Though as a new Mama I now understand the shower thing 🙂

    Happy New Year!

    • Amanda says

      Congrats! You were randomly chosen as the winner of the Aroma Sense giveaway. Keep your eyes peeled from an email from me to request your mailing info. Enjoy some extra relaxation into your day and thanks for entering the contest!

  4. Practical Mama says

    Mine is reading followed by massage, either full body or just foot massage. The shower head looks awesome. I love anything with scents and aromatherapy in the bath. Soaps, shower gels and now the water itself. Mmmmm!

    • Amanda says

      Agreed. Having access to a mini massage at home with hardly any effort is the perfect new years resolution, don’t you think? 😉

  5. Tammilee Tips says

    What did we do to relax before wine and adult coloring books!! Even with out kids I love to take hot shower, with our travels sometimes showers can be rare when traveling. This sounds like an amazing shower head with an aroma therapy.

  6. Tee says

    Taking a shower is one of my favorite ways to relax nowadays. I love that showerhead. I definitely would love to win it. Ha. Another favorite way for me to relax is to read the paper with my cup of Joe. It’s simple but it relaxes me nonetheless.

    • Amanda says

      Let me tell you, taking a shower with the amazing lemon scent is a great way to get me to slow down and soak up every drop!

  7. Dee says

    For someone who is so busy, your tip for relaxation is a welcome blog. I have already tried the Adult Coloring and I thought at first I wouldn’t like but I found it soothing and I really enjoyed it.

    • Amanda says

      I felt the same way. Hard to get into but then I was able to really not think about anything but the sound the pencil makes on the paper.

  8. Melissa says

    I love this product and the relaxation it offers! I need it in my bathroom. What a great way to reenergize and since it saves on water I can take longer showers while hiding out from my family. lol I am headed over to see what scents they offer because I have heard certain ones can be really relaxing and de-stress you. I need all of the help I can get in that area.

  9. Britni says

    I gave my daughter an adult coloring book and I have been in love with it. It really is so relaxing! I love the rest of your ideas. Reading has always been a great way for me to calm down and relax. I would change shower to hot bath with a good book!

  10. Alli says

    Such great advice in this blog! My favorite relaxing activity is to put out birdseed recommended at my local Wild Birds Unlimited and watch the variety of birds pass through my backyard.

    • Amanda says

      That sounds really relaxing. I just won a bird feeder from a local business so I can’t wait to use it this Spring.

  11. Aileen Adalid says

    From what I understand, adult coloring has been a recent ‘trend’ and I just tried it a week ago. I can agree with you how relaxing it is! A bit nostalgic to do as well 😉 Thanks for these tips!

  12. Up Run for Life says

    I am loving the adult coloring books. Just about everyone in the family got at least one book and map pencils for Christmas. It was perfect timing since I’m limited on what type of activities I can do while I recover from back surgery.

  13. Jennifer Pilgrim says

    Being a mom definitely makes finding time for relaxation a struggle. I did, however, come across adult coloring books a couple of months ago, and they are VERY relaxing. I find time to do it during my little girl;s naps.

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